Hang pics without nails

Picture hanging systems - Hanging pictures with STAS

Hanging a picture has never been easier! We offer a complete range of hanging systems which enable you to hang your pictures quickly and easily in every situation. STAS picture rail can be mounted to all types of wall and ceiling. The possibilities are endless, our patented picture hanging systems can be used to hang pictures on plaster walls, drywall, brick walls, etc.

Hanging pictures without nails

Mounting the picture rail is very easy. Changing wall decorations, pictures, paintings or photo frames couldnt be easier using the matching picture hooks and cords. Hang multiple picture frames and make your own collage in matter of seconds. Moreover, using our picture hanging rails you dont need to drill ugly holes in your walls anymore. Once the picture rail is installed, you can organize and rearrange your pictures time and time again without using nails or screws. Its an investment that you will benefit from during the total time of occupancy in your home, office or building!

This website presents numerous different ways and solutions to help you hang your pictures safely, flexibly and elegantly. It offers mounting videos and ideas on how to hang pictures at your home or workspace, gallery, museum, school, university, hospital etc. Take a look at our products page, theres bound to be an art hanging system that fulfills your needs!

Hanging pictures with STAS: the specialist in picture hanging systems!

hang pics without nails
Hang your pictures without nails!

Here are some creative ideas on how to hang your picture frames, photos and paintings with our various picture hanging systems.

Making your own collage is fun and easy! Add and rearrange your pictures without nails or tools, when using our systems.

Check out our collection of nailless picture hanging products.

  • - Hang your pictures quickly and easily on every wall type
  • - Changing wall decorations, pictures, paintings or photo frames couldnt be easier
  • - Hang multiple picture frames and make you own collage in a matter of seconds
  • - Once installed, organize and rearrange your pictures time and time again without using tools or nails.
  • - Never damage your walls again when hanging a picture

Examples of nailless picture hangers: picture hanging with magnets and transparent clips. Read more about the STAS magnet set and STAS picture hits.

How does it work?

Our picture hanging systems allow you to hang your pictures flexibly and securely without nails or screws. The system consists of aluminum picture rail, cables and matching picture hooks. It makes picture hanging as simple as 1,2,3

  • 1. Simply hook the cord into the picture rail at any spot youd like to hang a picture.
  • 2. Slide our special picture hooks over the cord to the required height.
  • 3. Hang your picture and youre done!

Easy picture hanging with STAS: No nails needed!

Picture Hanger Reviews

Picture Hanger Reviews

2.7 (53.33%) 24 vote[s]

Picture Hanger Reviews

Picture Hanger ReviewsWondering which picture hanger is right for the job? Weve come a long way since the days of using a hammer and nails to hang pictures and knick knacks to the wall. Nowadays there are so many different gadgets and products you can use to get things hung up without a hammer, and in many cases without even using a nail. The ease of hanging things has gotten to the point where you can basically decorate your home any way youd like without worrying about the how.

Choosing the Right Picture Hanger
Since there are so many different products out there all vying to be the one solution for your picture hanging needs, you need to figure out which one to go with so you dont waste time and money on the wrong product. First, figure out what your most important features are. Do you want something that is really easy to use, and you dont care if it leaves behind a hole? Do you want something that is totally nail-less so that it doesnt leave a mark behind when you take it down? Knowing what your end game is will help you pick the right tool for the job.

Picture Hanger Review Recaps

Weve looked at several of the leading products in the market and compared them not only to conventional methods of hanging pictures, but also to their competition to see which ones rise to the top. Its a pretty saturated marketplace, with many original inventions as well as some copycats trying to ride the coattails of the successful products. Hopefully weve saved you some time here so you can get a quick glimpse of what works and what doesnt.

Do Hercules Hooks work?

Do Hercules Hooks work?
Hercules Hooks Recap
Hercules Hooks have an interesting premise. They say you dont need a hammer or any tools to use them. You just take the hook and press it into any drywall surface and it will penetrate the wall and secure itself behind the drywall, producing a secure hold, and only making a pinhole in the process.

The beauty of this is that you can hang not only pictures, but also heavier items and you dont have to worry about this digging a path into your drywall as it sags from the weight of what you hang. This lets you put up things like mirror and shelves as well.

Go to our full review of Hercules Hooks

Do Command Strips work?
Command Strips Recap
Command Strips are the way to go if youre renting your place and you dont want to have any issues when it comes time to get your security deposit back. Landlords are notorious for not wanting any holes left in their walls, but you still want to decorate the place while youre living in it.

With these strips you can hang posters, pictures, and they even sell ones with hooks on them so you can put hooks in strategic locations around your place for extra convenience. And when you move out they come off without marring the walls at all.

Go to our full review of Command Strips

Does the InstaHang work?
InstaHang Recap
Instahang first caught our eye on the infomercial so we just had to try it out to see if you really could hang things with just one press of this gizmo. Much to our delight it works as depicted, and we went on a hanging rampage, hanging up stuff wed been wanting to for ages.

The great part is that when you remove the nails its just a small nail hole, and it doesnt dig up the wall like conventional nails do when theyre hammered in. Even though we had fun with this, depending on what you need it for, it might not be the solution to go with.

Go to our full review of InstaHang

Does the Super Hook work?
Super Hook Recap
Super Hooks claim to be super and they like to draw a comparison to Hercules Hooks. But after we compared them like they asked us to we felt that they dont really hold a candle to them, and that they use lower grade metal, and have lousy reviews.

So were not sure why theyre so eager to be compared to something that works well, when they dont measure up. Seems to be a risky marketing strategy gone bad. You can try them if you want, as their dirt cheap, but you might end up regretting it later when stuff you hang up falls and breaks.

Go to our full review of Super Hook

Do Monkey Hook Picture Hangers work?
Monkey Hook Picture Hangers Recap
Monkey Hooks come in a few different varieties, and youll likely find reasons to use them all around your home and office. They also have a reinforced model called Gorilla Hooks that can hold up even more weight than the Monkeys.

These are made well and they get good reviews. Even the regular strength ones hold up enough to get most things hung up properly. Its pretty much a toss up between these and Hercules Hooks, as they are similar in form and function.

Go to our full review of Monkey Hook Picture Hangers

Ultimately youll want to pick a picture hanger that is best suited to your individual situation, including the type of wall, and the type of picture, poster frame, mirror, shelving unit, or anything else you want hung. There will likely never be one method for every single surface and item, so its best to keep an assortment of items on hand so when you get the urge or the need to hang something you can move on it right away. Nothing gives a home a lived in feeling more than stuff on the walls, so pick which which picture hanger works best for you, and get to it!

Best Picture Hangers for Plaster Walls
If youve got plaster walls youve probably had a bad experience already trying to hang things on it. Plaster isnt really meant to have things nailed into it, and you can end up going through a lot of nails trying to get one to stick. Not to mention the fact that you can do some substantial damage to your drywall. The best fix for this is Command Strips, as they dont require you to use nails, and they wont mess up the finish on your plastered walls.

Best Picture Hangers without Nails
Theres really only one product out there that allows you to hang pictures without using any nails. Command Strips have been shown to work great at hanging up pictures and anything else thats not too heavy. They come in many different types depending on what sort of picture you have in mind, and they even have stronger ones to hang up large pictures. Just be sure to use the one that is most suited to the picture you have in mind.

Best Picture Hangers for Drywall
Drywall is great, but can be a real pain when hanging stuff to it. This is because the heavier the item, the higher the likelihood that the nail you put into it will dig into your drywall from all the pressure. Sure, its easy enough to get the nail in, and you can even use thumbnails or tacks for lighter things like posters. But if you want to get a secure hold, and if you want to be able to hang heavier things, youll want to use a hook like Hercules Hooks or Monkey Hooks.

The way these work is by driving all the way through the drywall, and then curving upwards so that they brace themselves against the drywall. This means that the picture, or whatever else you hang to it, actually provides the leverage making it more secure, not less. Its a pretty ingenious design, even though they look rather simple, and look like theres not much to them. But it is often these simple designs that work the best.

How to Hang Pictures Without Nails

Hanging pictures without nails seems like some futuristic thing that people in the 50s would have thought was crazy. But now its a reality with Command Strips. In order to pull this off properly you have to peruse their extensive line of hooks and dedicated picture hangers to find which one is best suited for what youre trying to hang. They dont come in bulk packs which is nice because it lets you be strategic with each picture and buy a pack specifically for each one.

Step One Size it Up
You should weigh your picture and picture frame to get an idea of what sort of hook you will need. Most of the people that have a bad experience with Command Strips fail to follow this step and end up using a hook that cant support the weight.

Step Two Clean the Surface
This is the next step that trips up many people, and results in them finding their picture on the floor in the morning, and realizing what that sound was during the night. Clean the surface and let it dry before affixing the strip.

Step Three Wait, then Hang
Once youve fastened the strip youve got to give it an hour before you go hanging stuff on it. We recommend giving it an extra hour or two because hey, there arent many picture hanging emergencies out there. Its now time to hang your picture. This part is just like you remember from hanging things the old fashioned way, so well leave you to it.

Unleashing Your Creative Side
Now that its no big deal to hang up pictures and other decorations, you might feel like adding things to all sorts of rooms in your home. You can give your bathroom a quick new look by just hanging some tasteful wall art in it. You can turn a family room into a really nice place to relax. You can show off the family photos with a nice picture collage that will make your guests gag with envy. You can even add fun things to your kitchen that will make it look all Home and Garden-ish. Now that its no big deal to hang stuff around your home using the veritable smorgasbord of methods, you can let your right brain take over and go nuts.

Our Picture Hanger Recommendation

If youre trying to hang heavy items like a mirrors or shelving units, be sure to get something that can hold the weight. Command Strips are great for many things, but they shouldnt be trusted to hold up really heavy items, nor are they designed to. But for things that are light and for those that are renting their place wed go with Command Strips, as they dont leave any markings behind and are easy to use. For drywall surfaces and heavy items wed go with Hercules Hooks. The picture hanger you ultimately go with should be suited to what you need it for most.


How to Hang Pictures Without Nails

How to Hang Pictures Without Nails

Co-authored by wikiHow Staff | Video Team Tested

Updated: March 29, 2019

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Hanging pictures is a great way to decorate and personalize a space. But there are many places where you may want to hang a picture but cant use nails, perhaps because you dont want to leave large holes in the wall, cant drill or hammer through the wall, or will be changing your pictures or their arrangement frequently. This is when it comes in handy to know how to hang pictures without nails, which you can do with tacks, various adhesive products, and other ingenious solutions. There are several methods to choose from, and you can decide what will work best for you depending on your supplies and circumstances.


Method 1 Using Picture Hanging Strips

1 Remove hanging hardware. Adhesive picture hanging strips need flat surfaces to work properly, so remove any protruding hanging hardware that has been installed on the back of the picture.[1] This includes nails, screws, wires, keyhole or sawtooth fasteners, or anything else that could make the back surface of the picture uneven.
  • Adhesive picture hanging strips (as well as adhesive nails and hooks) can be found in office supply stores, craft stores, hardware stores, and online.
2 Clean your surfaces. Adhesive picture hanging strips require a clean surface to stick properly, so wipe down your picture and the wall where youre going to hang it with a clean cloth and isopropyl alcohol.[2]
  • Allow the surfaces to dry before applying the strips.
3 Apply the strips. For each set of strips, press the two different sides together. One set at a time, remove one liner and press the adhesive to the back of the picture. Continue pressing for 30 seconds. Repeat until the required strips have been applied.
  • One set of strips will hold up to three pounds (1.36 kg), and most 8x10-inch (20x28 cm) pictures. If you only need a single set of strips, position it at the top center of the picture.
  • Two sets of strips will hold up to six pounds (2.7 kg), and most 11x17-inch (28x44 cm) pictures. Position one set of strips at each top corner of the picture.
  • Four sets of strips will hold up to twelve pounds (5.4 kg), and most 18x24-inch (46x61 cm) pictures. Position one set of strips at each top corner of the picture; position another set on each side of the picture, two-thirds of the way down from the top.[3]
4 Affix the picture to the wall. First, remove the liner on the outside of the strips to reveal the adhesive. Then, press the picture against the wall. Slowly separate the strips on the picture from those on the wall by gently pulling on the bottom corners of the picture and lifting. With your fingers, press the strips against the wall for 30 seconds.[4] Image titled Hang Pictures Without Nails Step 5 5 Wait one hour. This allows all the adhesive on the strips to set and dry. When the hour is up, replace the picture back onto the wall by lining up the strips.

Method 2 Using Adhesive Hooks or Nails

1 Clean your wall. Like picture hanging strips, adhesive hooks and nails require clean surfaces, so wipe down the wall with a clean cloth and isopropyl alcohol, then let it dry.
  • Adhesive hooks or nails have adhesive backings that stick to walls, so that you can mount pictures using the hanging hardware attached to the picture. Depending on the hardware on your picture, make sure you purchase the appropriate adhesive hanging equipment.
2 Prepare the adhesive. Remove the liner from the adhesive strip and affix it to the hook or nail.
  • Some adhesive hooks come with the adhesive already affixed to the back. Skip this step and move on to the next if thats the case with the adhesive hook you have.
3 Affix the adhesive hook or nail to the wall. First, remove the liner from the back of the adhesive thats attached to your hook or nail. In the place where you want your picture hung, firmly press the adhesive hook or nail against the wall for 30 seconds.[5] 4 Wait an hour for the adhesive to dry. When the hour is up, hang your pictures normally based on the hanging hardware installed.
  • Make sure you know the weight of your picture before you purchase adhesive nails, as they generally only hold between five and eight pounds (2.26 and 3.6 kg), while smaller hooks may only hold one or two pounds (0.45 or 0.9 kg).
  • To hang a picture thats heavier than what your adhesive nails or hooks are rated for, use more than one. Ensure the weight gets distributed evenly by using a level during installation.

Method 3 Using Press-in Hooks

Image titled Hang Pictures Without Nails Step 10 1 Choose your hooks. There are several brands that make hooks that are designed to be inserted into drywall without hammers, nails, or any other tools. These include Hercules Hooks, Super Hooks, Monkey Hooks, and Gorilla Hooks.[6] They are made of different materials and rated to hold varying weights, but each one does require making a small hole in the wall. According to the manufacturers:
  • A Hercules Hook can hold as much as 150 pounds (68 kg).
  • A Super Hook can hold up to 80 pounds (36.28 kg).
  • A Monkey Hook can hold up to 35 pounds (15.87 kg).
  • A Gorilla Hook can hold as much as 50 pounds (22.67 kg).
2 Install your hooks. Push the long, curved (not kinked), tapered end of the hook through your drywall. Once youve pushed it most of the way in, position it so the small hook on the outside will be facing upright (so that you can hang things from it). Set it in place by pushing it in the rest of the way.[7] 3 Hang your picture. Most press-in hooks come in packs of four or more. To hang heavier pictures using two hooks, measure the width of the picture and divide it into thirds. Place one hook at the one-third mark, and a second hook at the two-thirds mark. For even heavier pictures that require three hooks, measure the picture and divide it into quarters. Place one hook at the one-quarter mark, one hook in the center (two-quarters), and one hook at the three-quarter mark.

Method 4 Using Tape or Reusable Adhesive

Image titled Hang Pictures Without Nails Step 13 1 Select your adhesive. Double-sided tape will work to affix lightweight pictures to walls, though its not necessarily designed for that job and may strip paint when it comes off. Reusable adhesive, also known as sticky tack or poster tack, is designed to affix lightweight pictures to walls, but it can get gummy over time and be difficult to remove.
  • Reusable adhesives and tapes are strong enough to hold loose pictures or posters (not in a frame), but are not designed to hold much more than one pound (0.45 kg).
  • Single-sided tape can be converted into makeshift double-sided tape by taking a strip of tape, making it into a loop with the adhesive side out, and fastening the ends of the tape together to close the loop.
2 Prepare the wall. Adhesives will work best with clean surfaces, so wipe down your wall with a clean cloth and isopropyl alcohol. While waiting for that to dry, wipe down the back of your poster or picture with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Wash your hands before handling reusable adhesive to prevent transferring dirt or oil onto it.
3 Prepare your picture. Lay your picture face down on a flat surface. Press small balls of reusable adhesive or small squares of double-sided tape to the corners of your picture (on the back of the picture). If youre hanging a larger picture, frame the back outside edge with adhesive or tape. 4 Mount your picture. Once youve got your tape or adhesive in place, pick up the picture, line it up on the wall, and press it against the wall to affix the adhesive or tape to the wall.

Method 5 Hanging a Picture String

Image titled Hang Pictures Without Nails Step 17 1 Find existing wall fixtures. Look for hooks, screws, vents, or knobs that are already in place and that could bear a few extra pounds. Note that this method will be most appropriate for lightweight pictures that arent in frames.
  • Look for wall features that are out of the way and that could have a string run between them without posing a strangulation risk.
Image titled Hang Pictures Without Nails Step 18 2 Tie on your string. Cut a length of string, twine, or wire thats long enough to span the distance between the two wall fixtures, plus some extra for tying knots. Tie each end of the string to a separate wall fixture. You can either pull the string taut or leave it slightly loose and droopy.
  • A taut string will look more rigid and uniform, while a droopy string will look more relaxed and artistic. The choice between the two is a matter of aesthetic preference.
  • Wire will be harder to tie than string or twine (it will be easier to wrap it tightly around your fixture than tie it), will provide an industrial look, and will allow pictures to slide around for quick re-positioning. Wire is thin and strong, but doesn't lend itself to the droopy look.
  • Twine and string will be easy to tie, can be left droopy or pulled taut, and will provide a more rustic look.Twine will be thicker than wire or string, but stronger than string. String will be thinner than twine, but not as strong.
Image titled Hang Pictures Without Nails Step 19 3 Hang your pictures. Use clothespins or clips to affix your pictures to the string.[8] If your string begins to sag more than it's supposed to or the knots won't stay tied, you may have too much weight. Either use stronger twine or wire, or tie a second string to different fixtures for a second row of pictures.
  • To distribute weight and pictures evenly, place your first picture in the center of the string using your eye or a tape measure. Using the first picture as the center point that separates two halves, divide those halves in half again, and place one picture at each center point. Continue dividing your spaces in half and using the center points as picture locations until all your pictures are hung.

Community Q&A

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  • Question We are in a very old building with walls made of gypsum tile. Is there a way to hang art on walls without resorting to suspending it on wire from pix molding? Community Answer Depending on how heavy the pictures are, you may be able to use the 3M Command strips. You might want to double them, hanging two side by side for added support. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 7
  • Question How does one remove a command strip? Does it leave a mark? Community Answer They do not work on textured walls. When I removed the strip, the paint came right off. They may be fine for flat paint, but don't use them for textured walls. I'm glad I tried one behind a door where the damage doesn't show. Now when I repaint, it shouldn't be noticeable. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 3 Helpful 13
  • Question Why do I need to clean the wall? Community Answer Dirt and dust can affect the adherence of the hook or tape. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 3 Helpful 12
  • Question Will any of these damage the wall or paint? Community Answer Yes. Despite their advertising, these do not come off textured walls without removing the paint. Don't waste your money. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 2 Helpful 8
  • Question Can I hang a thin, 9x12 canvas on my wall without a frame? Can I use some kind of glue or tape? Community Answer Yes. Follow the instructions in the article for the tape application. If the tape won't hold the canvas for anything but shorter periods, then use glue through the fabric and onto the tape. The tape should hold the canvas long enough for the glue to cure. Or, you can very slightly use thumb tacks barely through the tape to ensure the glue's cure time. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 1 Helpful 5
  • Question Can I use Command Strips on bathroom tiles to hang a mirror? Community Answer Yes, they work on every surface known to man -- just don't exceed their maximum weight as stated on the package. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 3 Helpful 8
  • Question Can I use Super Glue for frame hanging? Community Answer No. The glue will eventually become dry after years of hanging, and fall off. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 8 Helpful 13
  • Question Can I use hot glue to hang up light wood letters? Community Answer Yes, but if/when you remove them, you will have to repair the paint or wall. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 2 Helpful 3
  • Question I am renting and would like to hang some larger pictures on the walls without damaging the gyprock walls. What can I do? Community Answer Size doesn't matter, weight does. Foam tape or Command Adhesive Strips (many choices) used in pairs (or more) may very likely fit the bill. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 5 Helpful 5
  • Question How do push in hooks work? Decor42 Community Answer Not very well. Try the Command Strips (heavy duty). Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 6 Helpful 3
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wikiHow Video: How to Hang Pictures Without Nails


Article SummaryX

To hang pictures without nails, remove any protruding hardware from the picture frame first. This will allow the picture to be flush with the wall once you place adhesive strips on the back of it. If you don't want to place any adhesives on your picture, you can use adhesive hooks on your walls instead. Then you can simply hang your pictures off of this simple hardware. To learn other ways you can hang pictures without nails, like using tape or string, keep reading!

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  • A corkboard thats already in place or propped up against a wall or furniture can be used to display pictures.
  • Thumbtacks can be used to hang loose pictures, posters, or very lightweight framed pictures with wire hangers, as long as you can put small holes in the wall.
  • Framed or loose pictures can be displayed by being propped up against mantles, bookshelves, furniture, or other objects, or placed in standing frames.


^ http://www.housetweaking.com/2013/03/01/easy-frame-hanging-no-nails-or-tape-measure-required/ ^ http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/658807O/commandtm-instructions.pdf ^ http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/658807O/commandtm-instructions.pdf ^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ9RZt0_qMk ^ http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/658816O/commandtm-instructions.pdf ^ http://doesitreallywork.org/picture-hanger-reviews/ ^ http://doesitreallywork.org/super-hook-review/ ^ http://freshnestblog.com/how-to-make-a-picture-clothesline/ Videos provided by Home Staging by Tori Toth

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