Dog toenails too long

Do long toenails cause problems for dogs - Answers

They do. Long nails can make it difficult and uncomfortable for your dog to walk. And if left long enough, some will curl over and grow into your pet's pads, which will require surgery to correct. It's recommended that you clip your dog's nails about every month or so.

dog toenails too long
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Can a dogs toenails be too long how long is to long - Answers

Yes, dog nails can grow to be too long. If the dog is not constantly wearing down their nails by walking constantly ( wild breeds and such would have, something that didn't evolve for those lazy pups lol ) Dog nails, if not trimmed, start to curl, which can actually cause pain when walking. So make sure they are trimmed, if not, they can actually curl into the dog's paw and cause serious amounts of pain and require surgery. BUT do NOT over cut your dogs nails, the quick is the pink part inside of a dogs nail and is sensitive, if you cut to close it will cause pain in your dogs nail.. But they are easy to spot in a nail.

My dog's toenails are too long?
Yes you can only cut the dead part of the nail, that doesn't have the quick/pink part. If you cut the quick, it's painful for the dog.

I believe if you keep the nail trimmed right against the quick, it'll slowly recede back, but this will take time and persistence. Personally claw cutting makes me nervous so i'm a fan of using groomers for that task.

If your dog needs to have surgery of any kind, the vets can cut the dogs claws back to a normal length while he's asleep. He will still have sore toes when he wakes up, but at least his claws woudln't be interfering with his toes/walking etc!

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