Nails r us staten island

R&R Nails and Spa - Staten Island, NY


96 Page Ave
Staten Island, NY 10309
(718) 966-5297

Not sure how people managed to rate this so low. To start, I live in Queens. I've never had a regular nail salon throughout any of my years living in Queens. I went to this nail salon around 2016, and I've been coming back religiously to this place since. I consistently ask for the same - UV gel French nails with Julianna and a pedicure. Julianna is proven to be incredibly meticulous. From filing/shaping to buffing and painting. I've never disliked a single manicure she's done in 3 years of being here. This is the first nail salon where my nails do not break/peel as an avid weight lifter with my graceless/uncoordinated movements. I cannot even say the amount of times my nails have ripped, cracked, or were peeling off within 2-3 weeks of getting them done. Julianna cleans my cuticles so well, I don't even require a refill nearly as quickly as I had in previous salons. The salon itself is very clean, the services are excellent, and I've never encountered rudeness/any level of unkindness. Worst part about going to the nail salon is competitive parking with the surrounding stores (cigar emporium, restaurant, Starbucks, etc.) Seems like a small price to pay to have nice nails. Good news for me is I'm moving to Tottenville in the next few weeks. To know this nail salon will be even more accessible is honestly beyond exciting. Hopefully, Julianna never retires, or my hands will be ugly again.

Worlds worst manicure, it looks like i got them down 3 weeks ago and i got them down 3 minutes ago. 3 hours for a pedicure and manicure they did do Great pedicure but will never return, i could have down my manicure better myself. Now off to blooming nails to get it fixed.

I had gone to another nail salon for many years until a friend suggested I give R & R a try. Her nails always look great, so I gave it a shot. I knew after my first appointment that this was my new nail spot. The customer service is excellent. Everyone working there is extremely friendly, professional and courteous. It is also very clean which is especially important in this type of industry. Since then I refer all of my friends and family to R & R. I would highly recommend this salon! 100 stars!

I would give this place ZERO stars literally the mani pedi from hell! I felt crazy while I was in there like am I the only one who's particular w services? I don't get it! There was nail polish everywhere. At least the lady that did my toes cut my cuticles the one who worked on my hands didn't even cut any cuticles just caked on the gel Will never ever go back I rather throw $60 in the trash.

TERRIBLE JOB AND TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE Last week I needed to get my nails done so I went here. When I walked in only one person was being served. I asked he guy if they do SNS manicure and he said yes. The fella that did my nails told me this was the first time doing this. I wasn't pleased with that but my son dropped me off so I was stuck and no other workers were around. As he did my nails the other workers (the behind the desk, 2 younger women and 1 older women) they kept looking at my nails and talking to each other in their language no consideration. Every now and then they would all feel and look my nails. A few times I wanted to leave I felt like a guinea pig I even said that to the fella that was doing my nails and he laughed saying guinea pig. I asked him to trim my nails he cut them shorter than I requested but I didn't say anything since they grow fast. He was having trouble pretty much from the beginning with the product. He couldn't open the bottle and then when he got it open the brush was all stuck together. They played with brush for a few minutes and then he got another brush and tried that. After a few minutes he got a different bottle of stuff. Whatever the guy used burned my figures so bad. My figure nails got very hot when I complained to the fella behind the desk he just looked at me blew it off said something to the guy and walked away. I don't know what he used but after 3 fingers he changed the bottle again. I tried to have patients since it was my first time here. I hoped throughout the entire time that the process would have an upside but it really didn't. The end result was lumpy nail job. The nails came out extremely uneven. Two days after getting my nails done the clear coating peeled of 5 nails. A few days later when I was taking a shower my hair got stuck under my nails the SNS has separated from the nails. Two nails have broken on my right hand due to poor quality job since there is no clear coat just the power. Those nails now are weak. I went back requested a refund but they wouldn't give me my money back, and I don't want them to redo them. I don't want this place to touch my nail. I will never go back to this place again. They are rude no customer service very nice act when you are giving them your money. It's clear these people do not care about the people they only want money. It was my first time and my last time at this so called nail salon. I really wish I went with my gut and walked out. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this place. When I went to pay I was told by the older lady $35.00 but when I checked my checking account she charged me $36.58.

This place is AWFUL!!!! They have favorites with their 'regulars' and anyone else they don't care about and make wait forever, even if you have an appointment. I had a problem once because THEY messed up MY nail color and then anytime i went back they were just straight up rude to me. They literally charged me $45 for a pedicure yesterday and I don't even have the energy to go back because I hate them so much. I've tried to give them multiple chances because this place was good when it first opened, but now it's something new every time and I leave frustrated, every time. The parking sucks and they suck and I wish I could give zero stars.

I had gone to another nail salon for many years until a friend suggested I give R & R a try. Her nails always look great, so I gave it a shot. I knew after my first appointment that this was my new nail spot. The customer service is wonderful. Everyone working there is extremely friendly, professional and courteous. It is also very clean which is especially important in this type of industry. I would highly recommend this salon!

I called the minute they opened this morning to make an appointment since I knew that I was going on my lunch hour and I would be pressed for time .. I made an appointment for 12pm and I told the guy on the phone this .. I get there it's 12 and no one is ready to see me they come over and tell me to just wait a few minutes .. long story short it's now 1220pm and no one is available to start my pedicure , I let them know that I needed to leave because my time was cut short and I most deff was not going to pay 35$ for a pedicure and not get my money's worth .... what was the point of giving me an appointment ?! This would have been no different from me just being a walk-in. This was a terrible first impression to make ... I deff will not be going back .

I've been to a lot of nail salons, but this one is by far the best one I've been to. The staff is super friendly and the place itself is very clean and very chic. And it is right next to Starbucks. A lot of salons have these bright lights and white walls, almost making it feel like you're walking into a mental institution. R&R is the total opposite. You walk into a warm, homey atmosphere. There are no bright lights and everything is so nicely decorated. It's very welcoming. Brian is always there to greet you when you walk in. I always schedule appointments for Angie. Her manicure and pedicures are phenomenal. I'm constantly recommending this place to all my friends. I never leave disappointed. I'd give it more stars if I could.

This place is great. So clean, excellent spa pedicure and very friendly staff. Found my new go to nail spot on SI!

I highly recommend this nail salon, the workers are friendly and the pedicures are amazing. The massage chairs they have work so great and it is relaxing. R&R Nails and Spa is very clean which I like the most. The nail salon I have been going to for the past 3 years was not cutting it anymore so I've been looking for a new one to try. I will definitely be coming back here! ** Updated Review Brian is literally the best my nails came out amazing, I definitely recommend!!

Very nice atmosphere, very friendly staff, they did a great pedicure and gel manicure for me. The place was very clean. Would recommend to everyone.

Angie is the best! She did my nails with designs and pedicure perfect for my vaca! She has so much patience and I never have to wait long.

Always busy, not sure why. Great pedicure with hot stones, scented scrub, long massage, and paraffin. The gel is hit or miss, sometimes it last sometimes it doesn't. Their tips are not good. Diff sizes, thicknesses, etc. Only the guy that sits at first table is good, everyone else needs to slow down and do a better job. Small selection of regular nail colors and gel colors. Pretty decor and always clean.

I was excited to come here because of the good reviews. I got a simple gel manicure. But I simply can't go back here. The lady nicked my pointer finger cuticle and I bled, but good. She put so much of the "blue stuff" on that it turned my cuticle black. When I didn't stop oozing, she put nail glue on the cut ( I didn't have a problem with that, but she touched my skin with the tip--that's contaminated!) My gels were also very lumpy. Ugh-- no thanks.

The pedicures are really good. The first time I got a powder fill the nails came out extremely uneven and ended up lifting and one came off. I decided to have those removed and do a whole new set. Both of the thumbnails broke the pinky the ring finger....I don't know if it's because they use cheap material or bad glue but I ended up having to take all of these off as well. At $65 for a set I'm pretty annoyed and I won't be going back here for my fingers

Melissa is the best! Believe me, I have tried. As for the salon itself, it is chic and the safest, cleanest I've been to. They use pedicure disposable liners in the foot bath and new tools. Melissa's pedicure is the most precise pedicure I've had EVER. My toe nails and feet look healthier after each visit. She is very friendly and personable- which is a plus.

Love Kay and what he does my nails. I'm so exited to have found him again. I know to make an appointment ahead of time because he is extremely popular, but I really don't mind. After all he does perfect work when it comes to doing my nails. The place is absolutely beautiful and the ladies doing the pedicures always take their time making sure your nails are prefect.

I am definitely going to book another apps. This place is very clean actually its spotless! They make you feel like you have been going to them a long time. I got a pedicure w/Francesa & she did not rush me. I was falling asleep. Price was very reasonable. They include the hot stone, & pardon wax. Walked out feeling a million dollars.

I was a dedicated customer of Angie's. She did mani and pedi's exceptionally well, never rushing and taking the time to give you a quality experience as well as be friendly. For whatever reason, she is no longer there and it's a real shame. She was the best. If anyone knows which salon she went to, please let me know. Thank you.

nails r us staten island
Nails R Us in Staten Island City | Explore Before You Go!

United States Staten Island New York 1300 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island


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1300 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305, United States

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nails r us staten island

nails r us staten island

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