Lovely nails sterling heights mi

lovely nails sterling heights mi

lovely nails sterling heights mi
lovely nails sterling heights mi

Club Nails - Sterling Heights, MI


13474 15 Mile Rd
Sterling Heights, MI 48312
(586) 268-2595

Very impressed with my pedicure done by Amy. She used a really nice orange citrus scrub on me and hot stones during the massage part. I was impressed and really enjoyed it! Will be back

So.. I'm loyal to an extent that most people are not.. or it could be anxiety from walking into a new place that makes me stay loyal? Who knows. But I went! Where do I start? Siri by fair was the sweetest girl I've ever met. She kept the convo casual and just listened. We kinda laugh as she plugged away at my manicure and then my shellac. There was a sense of comfort I had when we were talking and it honestly made me feel at home. My manicure was great! She got all my hangnails, cuticles, and buffed me right up. She realigned all my nails to the same shape and the right length across the board. She took her time and I appreciated that! My color was just a natural pink but looks fabulous. I hope it lasts over a week before it starts really chipping. One can dream, right? Anyways, the place is your average nail salon. My manicure with shellac was $35. Not too bad! I will definitely come back, may even start coming here for pedicures but one step at a time.

Love my nails. This place is clean and the service is fast. Second time going there and I have not had any problems, I will keep going there and would recommend the salon to my friends and family.

My favourite nail salon!!! They've never cut me, ruined my nails, or didn't ask me what I wanted in detail. All the techs are so amazing here and I appreciate that they check in to make sure I like what they're doing. My polish has never chipped here, my acrylics have never broke off from here, and they've always been transparent with costs of services!

Horrible customer service & the nail service was poor ... got a full set and a pedi... I was there for two and a half hours and my services were not done I had to leave to go get my son from daycare return not even 10 minutes later to get my nails painted because I couldn't because she took so long and then with a one-year-old they made me wait another 20 minutes by then he was starting to get fussy and we had to leave called them on the phone to let them know how upset I was they told me that they would return 15 of my dollars and paint my nails returned today and they told me that they would either paint my nails with shellac which I didn't want or give me $15 but they wouldn't do both .... I took the $15 & have someone else paint my avg nails they did ... Will not go back

Unfortunately this used to be my go-to place for nails - I sent so much business their way! Recently, new management has taken over and it just has not lived up to its old standard. The new owner has yelled at employees in front of guests and made me feel incredibly uncomfortable when I've been in. Additionally, the former employees left last week, so I tried out their current staff and I just wasn't impressed. I'll be finding a new salon

Horrible customer service at Club Nails on 15 mile in Sterling Hts. MI. My first visit would receive (3) stars. I requested a full set of acrylic and two nails each hand designed with rhinestones. I was attending a special event and wanted my nails to sparkle a little. Nida's asst. prepped my nails and Nida applied nails, acrylic with the design. Friendly personality, not too rough, but she did not apply the rhinestones I requested when I sat at her table. Instead, she did multi-color nail art. I was disappointed but my nails looked better than when I arrived. Not worth $90 I spent. I decided to try one more time. Thinking I may have previously caught her on a bad day. My second visit receives a minus two stars. I walked in and told one of the ladies who assisted me I was requesting Nida. There was one lady at her table and I would be next is what I was told. The nice lady then walked over to Nida to let her know I was there for fill-ins and nail art. I waited TWO hours. After she finished with the lady that was before me Nida got up from her table, walked towards the back of the shop, and walked into one of the rooms. I waited an additional THIRTY minutes thinking she was getting a quick bite or something. I asked one of the other ladies (her sister) who had no clients if she could give me fill-ins. I had to be at work soon. She said NO, Nida would be with me in a minute. I walked out after waiting another ten minutes. Will definitely never return.

Second time coming here. First time I went new owners were there and old staff was still there showing them the ropes. Everyone was nice and the service was ok. Many months later, I decided to go there again, I dont live near there and was tired of the rushed services i was receiving elsewhere. It was the Saturday before Easter Sunday, a little crowded. I was greeted as soon as I entered and picked my polish. Waited a little over 30 mins before I was seated for my pedicure. Took another 30 mins or so before I was attended to. I didnt mind because I knew it was crowded because of the holiday. My pedicure was amazing was done by the owners wife, sorry I forgot her name. After finishing i sat with this guy, his name was Johnny and I had one of the best nail experiences. He did such a wonderful job, then I was polished by his wife Lydia, I hope I got the names right. Come to find out, he didnt work there, he was helping his wife out while he was waiting for her. My nails looked amazing, I am so pleased. I just wanna know where can I find him, I would like for him to do my nails again. Amazing job. Oh, I forgot to mention, bottled water was passed out to the customers. Very nice touch. Only thing I can say is more polish choices is needed for regular polish, several choices for shellac . Very clean. My opinion is I dont think another language should be spoken when others dont speak that language, I think it is rude, on the same line as whispering, and that's just my feelings. They closed at 730 that day and stayed til everyone was finished which was after 9pm. I was impressed, it was so worth going there.

I love this place and I have had a very hard time finding a good nail place that I trust. Yes it is walk in only, it's fine for me because it's worth the wait. I usually get my nails done by Nes or Siri, but Nee Nee is amazing too! Actually I've never had a bad service there. They can do everything from a simple manicure to some pretty involved artwork.

If I could give this place a zero I would the made my nails look horrible. First, I got shellac and it's chipping not even 24 hrs from the time I left the salon. She didn't take off all the previous color that I had which was black so with the white I have now u can still see the black pieces. Lastly, she left glue on my fingers that I literally had to file off this place is by far the worst place I've been to DO NOT STOP HERE!!!!!!!! Also I asked for something very specific I called before I went they said they could do it and then she messed everything up. So I got something different and at the end of it she over charged me for her time even though she messed it up in the first place will be posting pics

This place is under new ownership and it's a good change. A little face lift to the inside and im really loving everyone's disposition in here. I feel like im getting more pampering to my feet then previously. Everyone is friendly...not loud and catty like before. Give them a will enjoy your experience and my polish looks amazing!

this nail salon used to be amazing, i dont know what's going on but I believe there's a new owner. He's so rude. I came inside the nail salon asking for a ombre full set he tried to tell me they didn't do that when the original workers told me they would be able to. After i told him how he was being very rude he came outside and told me not to say he was rude in a very strong way. I had to leave.

Let me start by saying NeeNee is excellent! She takes her time and makes sure your nails are near perfect. I only gave it 4 stars because it's usually very busy. I was told they don't book appointments so sometimes you have to wait to be serviced. I've waited an hour before & I don't think that's too uncommon. But overall, the service is great.

When trying to find a new nail salon after going to the same one for over 8 years is not a fun search, but I think I lucked up on this one. They didn't have any reviews but they aren't far from me. I came on a Sunday to get my eyebrows waxed. The girl who did them did an excellent job. She didn't take too much off and they didn't look boxy. They were the perfect arch. I came back today to get a pedicure. I didn't have any expectations but I was pleased. I didn't get cut and that's a big thing for me. I'll definitely come back. The prices are about $5 more than most places, but their equipment is up to date and they are friendly.

I have never in my life been told to stay quiet in a nail salon. It's like a prison here. They have no respect for their customers. Very rude staff and had the nerve to "shush" us for just talking. We were not yelling, or being obnoxious. Also, children are not allowed as there is a big sign, and nor is food. And there is a sign saying to basically stay off the cell phone. Manicures and pedicures are supposed to be a relaxing fun environment. So if you want to go to a prison, this is definitely the place for you!

I'd give it zero if I could. Went there today for a mani pedi. Waited almost an hour. Finally got to the pedi chair and the girl ran the water and disappeared. I finally, after 15 minutes and the Water was ice cold asked the girl next to me if she was ever coming back. She hunted her down and she started to cut down my toes and right away. First cut. Cut my big toe!!!! It's hurting and she says "it's supposed to be sore". Yeah, I've never had a pedicure where I'm supposed to be cut. Worse place ever!!!!!

I finally found my nail salon! Friendly and fast! Honestly best nail salon in town with great prices. I won't be going anywhere else for my nails. NeeNee is the best!

I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS PLACE. I walked in for my first time with a nightmare set of nails on, I received the BEST set of nails I have ever received in my ENTIRE. LIFE. Thia went above and beyond to make sure that my nails were flawless and exactly what I wanted. I haven't stopped admiring them since I left. Apart from her outstanding nail tech skills, she is just an all around beautiful & genuine person who made me feel so comfortable and brightened my already bright day. My experience was so quality that I can't imagine going anywhere else from now on. :) THANKS SO MUCH :)

Wanted to get my nails done for tomorrow. Looked up different places on yelp and between this place and another (decent reviews) I chose this location because it said it was open till 8 and the other place was open till 7:30. (It was 7pm) drove all the way here and walked in. The sign on the door said it closed at 7pm but door was opene and I wasn't sure what was he error. The sign or the website. So after standing there and no one saying anything to me I asked if they were open. They said no and continued on, not even looking at me. I let them know it's stated online 8pm. They just ignored me. No sorry nothing. Like I was nobody. RUDE! I turned to walk out. I wasted time coming to this location and didn't even have time to get to the other one . And they could t even offer an apology?? Not to mention. The place still had at least 6-7 women getting their nails done. They weren't leaving anytime soon. They could have at least asked what I wanted done and seen if they could fit me in. AWFUL AND RUDE!

Amazing work! I've been going there for five years and never once have I been disappointed! Highly reconnected

Lovely Nails - Sterling Heights, MI


11492 15 Mile Rd
Sterling Heights, MI 48312
(586) 264-3721

I've been going to Lovely Nails for several months now. I decided to check it out since it's conveniently located for myself as well as any of the people I may go with to get our nails done together. The staff is very friendly, the shop is always clean, they have a huge color selection, and their prices are reasonable. I've also been happy with the quality of their work. They prefer cash but accept card payments. There are signs posted indicating this and it states it is the customer's preference but I have been pressured several times, "are you sure you don't have any cash? None at all?" I do not carry cash as a general rule so if I end up going for nails without planning ahead to hit the atm I literally have no cash no matter how many times I'm asked. Overall I would definitely recommend this place. The wait is usually not too long and it is worth it!

LOVE lovely nails! Always get a great pedicure and eybrow wax. Up to date massage chairs, and a wide variety of colors to choose from. TVs to watch too.

I thought they did a fine job on my nails. I didn't have to wait at all today; nice 10am open on Sunday. The guy who did my nails made sure I was happy and did a good job shaping them. I'd definitely Go back. Priced right.

Ok, admittedly I tried to go here once. There was nowhere to sit and I wasn't waiting! So we went on a rainy Friday night. We ever seen right away! Yay. My nails looked horrible, I peeled all my shellac off.. oops. Anyways manicure to the rescue. She took her time cleaning up my nails. I would like to say- if you don't get your nails done too often it can be hard to understand them. This women came in and the women who was working on my nails said "how can I help you?" But it was hard to understand unless like me, you go every week and a half. The chick couldn't understand her.. Then copped a huge attitude. By the end.. She got up and threw the colors and walked out. Life goes on, why be moody.. I think the owner and his wife handled it pretty well. Back to my manicures She took her time and my poor fingers needed it. She was patient as I can never pick a color. Let's hope it stays.. They did my daughters nails too.. so for a little over $40 we were in and out. I most definitely will go back.

Believe them when they say, NEVER CHEAT ON YOUR NAIL TECH. The nail tech at lovely nails didn't even size the false tips to my nail to make sure it fit from side to side, she put glue on my nail and then eyeballed it. Didn't even double check. I hate the way my nails are done and I had asked her to file down the hump on one of my fingers but she wouldn't because "it'll break easily" you can see my natural nail (as pictured) on all of my fingers. She never pushed back my cuticles. I was charged 30 dollars for this hack job of an acrylic set. My friends nail tech on the other hand was too busy FaceTiming to focus on doing a proper job on her nails. Never coming back. Unprofessional.

I use to come here a lot. Right by my house, convenient, did a good job. Then I stopped going about a year ago. They just didn't listen to what I'd tell them about my toes when getting pedicures and my toes would still be sore after. Well, I tried to give them another chance Sunday since they were the only place open on a Sunday nearby. Got there 10 minutes after they opened and then waited 1.5 hrs, there was only a few people working and 3-4 people ahead of me. Got my pedicure first, and still nothing has changed with how they do it. My toes still hurt. Then it was time for my manicure. Of course, like most nail places, they pressure you to get shellac or dip. I just wanted regular polish. I knew it would chip quicker but only wanted them done for the holiday and my birthday. Well, it last less than 4 hours before the first 2 chips on my nails and after 24 & 48 hours, you'd have thought I had them done weeks ago and worked in a rock field. So disappointing. What a waste of my hard earned money. They should not have chipped this bad after such a short amount of time.

I was looking for a new nail salon closer to where I live now, so my best friend brought me here. I'm so happy :) My nail tech really took her time to shape and smooth my nails to make sure they were perfect. I've had bad experiences with many nail techs at other salons who pile on the acrylic and make my nails look lumpy, and then they're filed and painted unevenly. I was so relieved to see how little acrylic she was using, and how detail oriented she was. They have a lot of color and style options, including fun trendy ones like the 'mood changing' polish, and ombre technique. The prices are also amazing for the work that was put into my nails. I'm excited for many more experiences here, and will be sure to share all the pictures!

Went here today for my first time. So clean and the workers were so friendly. They even offer coffee with your service :) the man who did my shellac really took his time to make sure everything went well. Much better than most nail salons I have been to where everyone speaks another language besides English. Will be returning from now on.

This place is garbage. They want you to pay cash so they can lie on their taxes. And give u attitude if you try using a card. They are rude, always run late even if u have an appointment. They made me pay for my mani and pedi before I even had it done. They made me wait so long that I had to leave for an appointment and come back later the same day for my pedi. They then forced me to pay an additional $2 for coming back the same day, and also made me wait AN HOUR!!! The wife was talking shit about me the entire time. Worst nail salon experience I've ever had and my friends also said the same. Don't waste your time money or energy here cause bad vibes all around!

Walked in asked how long the wait is they didn't give me a time told me to pick out my color. I waited about 20 minutes before someone helped me. This is why I give them 4 stars. The lady that did my nails Hellene was really quiet but nice. She did a good job. Wish the hand massage that you get with a manicure was a little bit longer than 10 seconds each hand. But I got a shellac mani and a polish change on my toes paid $35 prices are good. I will be coming back again depending on how long my nails last for.

Ok so here's the deal. This is my second time here and I came back because they do good work, but after they were done and I handed them my card, they said that they needed cash and didn't take cards right now because so many people pay with cards. I was thoroughly confused. First, what does that have to do with your customer? And second, why isn't it posted??? I referred them to my sister and we went together and she was told the same thing. So I checked to see what cash I had and I ended up having exact change. That ruined the whole experience for me. I'm wondering if anyone else was told this? Why isn't there any signs posted? I'm curious about others experiences with paying, not the service. If it's understood at the beginning of service, that is ok, but it wasn't.

Horrible place. People there are so rude and not even good. Waited for 2 hours and then they ended up taking the girl who came after me because she'd get done faster. They bitched about how they had to stay longer for me because it was closing time by the time they called my name.

Helen did an amazing pedicure. Felt like I was in a spa . Hot stone massage, strong hands, and peaceful atmosphere. Highly recommend

Let me first start out by saying it's hard to find a decent nail shop open on Sunday's unless you go to the mall, and they are usually extremely busy. I was up early and heading towards the Sterling Heights area and decided to find a place to get a mani & pedi. This came up on Yelp with decent reviews so I figured I'd give it a shot. Arrived at 10:45am, they open at 10:30am on Sunday's. They have a sign that says Grand Opening, the owner said they've been open for about 3 months so far. The salon is extremely clean, workers are very friendly. They started getting really busy after I arrived so I suggest getting there when they open. Pedicure was awesome, she really took her time and my feet feel baby soft. I didn't get a full manicure, just filed and painted. Only $31 total for both. And, you can tip on a credit card at this location. I would definitely come back to this location again, even though it's out of my way!

I had gotten my nails done on Wednesday for a wedding I had this Saturday. One of my nails broke on Saturday. 3 days after I had them done. The guy made the nails way tooo thin... he was already rude when I picked a number for a color and when he brought the nail polish it was a completely different color. When I asked him if he was sure if it was the right color he said idk you can see??? Also kept pressuring me to get shellac relentlessly after I have already said no multiple times. Shellac on acrylic nails are pointless.

This is by far the worst place I have ever been too, every time I go there they tell me there's a wait, one guy yelled at me and told me I'm not allowed to touch the nail polish and the owner Peter always tell me 2 hour waiting time when there isn't even a wait in the store, I will never go back to this place, Jenny the daughter messed up my eye brows so bad that I had to wait almost 5 months for them to grow back and Helen the other lady is just ruder then any person I have ever met, this place use to be good but now I will never go there again, instead I go to ocean spa and nails right across the street behind speedway and omg they are freaking amazing!! Sorry lovley nails but you lost my business forever

I love this place! I have been coming here on and off for years and now I will be coming here regularly. My two favorite nail specialists are Helen and Tina. They are so talented and really spoil you with the pedicures! I get shellac pedicures and for my manicure I get acrylics with shellac over it. They have excellent pricing! It was only $70 for those two services. The way the salon is set up is really nice and it's very clean. I highly recommend!

I walked in on a Saturday and waited about 2 hours. But from what I was told, they do not take appointments on the weekends so I guess that was expected. Tina did my nails and did a great job. Tbh, I will return...But with an appointment and on a weekday. Went in today (Sunday) and I am so happy with pedicure. Tina's very good.

Just got a REALLY great manicure and pedicure! The young gal really took her time and did a fantastic job. I've missed getting this kind of treatment. I'll definitely be back!

If I could a negative score I would. Made an appointment for 11 for a group of 4 they didn't take us till 12 at that point there was no time. The whole time they were laughing at us and talking about us. I told her to start on the bride first and she said okay then wanted to start on the guy in our group. Horrible trash service I've never experienced this in my life. Also because I'm middle eastern they felt the need to yell habibi in a smart ass tone at me to get my attention that's racist I don't go in there imitating there language or culture

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