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Factory supply zinc galvanized nails Product Details __ Material Low carbon steel Q195, Q215, Q235. Length 1/2''-8'' Surface treatment Polished, galvanized Shank Diameter 0.8mm---6mm Packing : 1. 25kg/carton ( in bulk) 2. 20kg/carton ( in bulk) 3. Can packing as customers’ requirment Strength: about 500 ~ 1300 mpa The production process: With high quality wire rod wire drawing , the thickness of wire rod is 9.52mm—88.90mm Detailed photos of common nails a full range of size : Length Gauge (Inches) (mm) (B.W.G. Product usage : the product is suitable for hard and soft wood, bamboo pieces, ordinary plastic, wall foundry, repairing Furniture, packaging etc. Widely used in construction, decoration, decoration and renovation

zinc galvanized nails
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Galvanized, zinc plated nails - what's the difference?
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Q. I'm very confused about what galvanizing is exactly. I'm having problems with a roofer who installed my roofing shingles with a "triple galvanized" roofing nail rather than the traditional "hot dipped" galvanized roofing nail. The "triple galvanized " nails are yellowish with that bluish tint when held in the light just right. But the nails we took out of the roof were dull grey and kind of lumpy (and showed NO rust after 52 years of shingle holding service!). Can both of these be "galvanized"? Which will last better in the outside climate? I'm CONFUSED! Help!


Paul Barnes
- Bensalem, Pennsylvania

A. Unfortunately, "triple galvanizing" is a nonsense term invented by a Madison Avenue type; it's not a metal finishing term and means little. I'm not really too familiar with those yellowish nails as hand-driven nails, but they are commonly used in automatic nail guns. It sounds like they are zinc electroplated, and then chromated, and perhaps then organically top coated, or silicate dipped for a third layer.

Presumably they are electroplated rather than hot dipped and have much less zinc on them (which is indicated by their not being lumpy). I do not think they will last as long as the hot dipped nails before rusting but my GUESS is that they will last the life of the roof. I suspect that lumpy galvanized nails may be a hazard in automatic nail guns so that the general practice has shifted to this replacement technology.

Ted Mooney, P.E.
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey
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A. Paul, figures do not lie, but liars figure. In this same vain, zinc plating has come to be known as electrogalvanizing. Then some advertising person that knows little or nothing about it converts this to triple galvanizing which it extremely probably is NOT. They throw it in a barrel and plate it one time. This is a plagiarism of triple chrome plated which also was untrue most of the time. But it looks like it is better, so just fudge the truth. It has far less zinc on a nail, but generally give good service. If they are of reasonable quality, you should not have any problem.The gray of your nail is from oxidation with time. Give the current nails 50 years and they too will be gray, but not lumpy.

James Watts
- Navarre, Florida
March 6, 2009

Q. We had a contractor put a new roof on our house. Another contractor looked at the work and said contractor #1 didn't use galvanized nails. What bad things can I expect as a result of having the wrong nails?

Elaine Wolters
- Elm Grove, Wisconsin
March 9, 2009

A. Hi, Elaine. I'm not a roofer, but I'd bet that nails are rarely hot dip galvanized in this age of nail guns -- because the majority of what I see installed are not, and because real hot dip galvanizing is drippy and I think problematic to automatic nail guns.

I was a home inspector for a couple of years, plus a home owner for decades, and in the roofs I've seen, I've never seen asphalt shingles pull out because the nails rusted away, but again, I'm not an experienced professional roofer and my experience is from a limited geographical area where we don't have hurricanes or tornados. You might wish to see letter 15142 which is from a professional roofer who uses only hot dip galvanized nails.

I can't say whether the 2nd contractor is just trying to complain about the first one, or is a genuine craftsman for whom only the best will do -- but I'll bet you can tell from his personal demeanor :-)


Ted Mooney, P.E.
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey
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November 29, 2014

Q. Installing zinc strips on roof to stop moss. Do I have to use zinc coated nails or can I use galvanized nails?

wes schmidt
clocks - Coeur d'Alene Idaho
November 2014

A. Hi, Wes. Galvanized nails are zinc coated nails. They are nails that have been dipped into molten zinc to acquire a zinc coating. They will be compatible with zinc strips.


Ted Mooney, P.E.
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey
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What are Galvanized Nails? (with pictures)
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Zinc electroplated nails are not galvinised nails.

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does zinc prevent salt corrosion?

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The A 153 spec applies to a broad range of hot dipped products. The Class D rating applies primarily to driven fasteners. Each hot dip product has its own class.

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Oxygen321- I will use zinc and copper nails in my science project! Thanks for the help!

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If you put galvanized nails into salt water the salt in the water will break down the zinc oxide and make the nail rust.

Post 9 anon58083
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does galvanised steel make a difference when you make a DIY battery?

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hey dude are the nails an alloy thingy ma bob or what? peace out

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Is it true that the zinc reacts with oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate, which makes up the tough, impermeable coating on galvanized nails?

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With the new chemicals in pressure treated wood and the higher corrosion factor, I see that the rating of G which used to be G-85 with CCA was raised to G-185. On the Hot-Dipped nails box, it is rated as ASTM A 153 Class D. Is the 153 the G rating and what does the class D mean?



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