Lexus nails falmouth maine

Saigon Nails
Saigon Nails
4. September

By Nancy !!!

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Saigon Nails
10. August

Done by Nancy !!!

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lexus nails falmouth maine
Nail Lexus in Falmouth, Maine, ME

It's too bad i had such a terrible manicurist for my 1st & only visit there. He was eating when i came in & continued to sneak a few bites while i washed my hands. But hey, everyone's gotta eat & at least i didn't have to wait. But then when I couldn't tell that the utensils had been sterilized, i asked, and he assured me it was a brand new set of cuticle cutters ... yeah right. I had to make numerous comments as to spots he was missing, nails of different lengths, & crooked french manicure lines, and i still want satisfied. I really didn't want to pay for that manicure & I'm still mad at myself for tipping him at all.

Nail Lexus - CLOSED - Falmouth, ME


190 US Rt 1
Falmouth, ME 04105

Inexpensive regular mani/pedis $35. Shellac manicure is $25 and a refusal pedicure with a shellac manicure is $50. My go to manicurists are Steven and Cindy. The owner (moon) is also very good.

I went to get a manicure today and it was horrible. I asked for dip powder and the woman who was doing my manicure had literally no idea what she was doing. Multiple people came over to tell her she was doing my manicure wrong. She didn't clean my hands, my manicure has finger prints in it, my nails are different lengths, my fingers are cut up, and my acrylic is lumpy. Clearly unhappy with the results, I was still charged 40 dollars. Wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, a much better salon is only a quarter mile down the road.

I went here to have my previous gel manicure taken off and then to have then filed rounded because I don't like square nails. When I left my nails were dry and flakey with scratches all over them and there were still huge patches of clear polish left on my nails. And to top that off the woman filed my nails square even after I asked her to change them to rounded. And to top that off they charged me 10$ with an additional 1$ tip! 11$!! Saigon Nails by the Hanniford in Falmouth only charges 5$ to remove gel polish. I will not be coming back.

I dropped in at 5 PM on a Friday. I only had to wait 5 minutes. Eddie gave me a wonderful pedicure. He is friendly, chatting about kids and grocery deals. The price was great $25, including a quick stone massage. The entire business was clean and had comfortable feeling.

Absolutely amazing nail salon! They go above and beyond in every way and it was the best mani/pedi I have ever had. Lee did my nails and was so sweet. Her attention to detail was like that of a spa, but better. The gentleman doing nails, answering the phone, and handling the payments was also extremely nice. Customer service, salon, and services themselves are all 5 star! Definitely found my nail spot.

I used to go to Lexus Nails, which is now Best Nails 2. It was understaffed with just 2 technicians, and I waited about 1/2 hour. I asked for basic service and it was $10 more expensive than Lexus had been. Within 2 days a big chunk of polish on my big toe chipped off. May give them another try, but not until I try some other salons.

I won't go back here. We had a 4pm appointment for manicures. When we arrived, they asked us to wait (it was fairly busy). They took 4 other people before they were able to seat us (they said it was because they wanted us to be able to sit next to each other---which is fair, but come on, we have a reservation!). Finally, around 4:35 they sat us down. But, there was only one manicurist available. So, my friend got her nails done and I sat and waited, and we chatted. About five minutes later, a manicurist came up to the table I was sitting at, and said "this is my table, you have to go." I gently explained that I was indeed there to get my nails done, and that we had a reservation. She told me again to move. So, the other manicurist, who was doing my friend's nails, went and found another chair for me and pulled it up next to her table so that we could keep talking (no one seemed concerned that my nails had yet to be touched by a manicurist). Five minutes later another patron walked up to the table next to ours (where I had been sitting), and said loudly to me (I kid you not!), "You had to move because this is my table. I sit here. You had to move for me." It was so weird. I didn't know this woman, hadn't said a thing to her. So, I just smiled at her (because I was shocked by her rudeness!). About two minutes pass, and a third manicurist comes up to me and tell me that I have to move again. She needs the chair I am sitting it. I reminded her that we had a reservation, told her I was feeling a little frustrated, and that I would like to get MY nails done. She simply said again that I couldn't sit there. "You have to move," she said. At this point I was really annoyed, and frustrated. I stood up and said out loud, "This is terrible." All three of the mean ladies looked at me. Like I had no right to even be in the salon! It was such a weird and mean experience--my friend and I were about to explode with either laughter or anger, but all we could do was give each other annoyed looks. I just stood there for three minutes until our nice manicurist found a tiny stool for me to perch on. Finally, my friend's nails were done. Her manicurist offered to do mine. To add insult to injury, the manicurist who was doing the nails of the mean patron said to her (loud enough for us to hear) as she finished her nails "You can sit here as long as you want." Um, what? There were other people waiting to get their nails done still! So, the mean patron just sat there doing nothing for five minutes! She said "oh good, I think I'll sit for a while." We encountered the mean patron again at the nail drying station when she asked my friend if she was drying her toes or just her fingers. When my friend said just her fingers, the lady said "good, because I would have to make you move if you were getting your toes done." It was such a strange, aggressive experience. The place was packed, so clearly they have a regular clientele, but it seems like they are not interested in cultivating any kind of new customers (or any customers under the age of 45....). You are better off going somewhere more expensive. It was a horrible experience of snobbery.

Great service, were open later during the week. Very friendly loved the spa pedicure.

lexus nails falmouth maine

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