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lily nails warren village
lily nails warren village

lily nails warren village

Village Nail Salon - Warren, NJ


41 Mountain Blvd
Warren, NJ 07059
(908) 757-0303

Check out the reviews on local nail salons to take my daughter for a manicure and pedicure. When I called they state they have a special price Monday thu Wednesday for 30 dollars . To my surprise they only charged me 25 dollars, I guessing because she under 5 . The girl did a wonderful job and my daughter was very happy .

Good experience. Went with my mom before Easter while she was visiting and I'm trying out places for my wedding this year. They were busy but we didn't have to wait which was nice. Smallish salon but very clean and no strong smells. Everyone was nice and my manicurist was efficient. Done in about 25 minutes. I smudged my middle fingers under the dryer and she fixed them. They were a little patch work compared to my other nails but it wasn't a big deal to me. Had a very nice massage while my nails dried. When we checked out the owner noticed we were new and gave us a give of green tea hand cream and a freqeunt customer card. I will go back.

I really wanted to like this place and make it my go-to spot when I'm in town. I was running late and called if they could take me at 5:30pm for a gel manicure, despite closing at 6. They were so nice and said yes. As soon as I got there, Kelly took me and started to do my nails. I'm really unhappy with the work done. I had to nitpick at the work she did 3 times. My nails were not even, the paint job was splotchy, and she did not do a good job filing my nails. By the 3rd time of me expressing my complaints, I stopped because I didn't want to be too rude. So I just smiled and said "its ok" and accepted my fate. I had a small travel nail clipper in the car, so as soon as I got back into the car I had to clip, file, and reshape it myself to the point where I could tolerate it for 2 weeks. Everyone here is SO nice, but the place across the street is rude, $5 cheaper, and they did a way better job. I'm conflicted on where to go to get my bridesmaids nails done. I can understand Korean and I knew the owners were in a bit of a rush to get home. I get it, I grew up in a small business too. But, kindly reject your customers explaining you're closing and last manicure is at 5 or just stay a little later to accommodate. I've been here twice and both times do not determine how good or bad a place is. I may still come back but I am very iffy. Short story: I'd recommend not coming here past 5:30pm. They'll rush you out.

Can't believe it's taken me so long to try this place out. My "regular" nail salon was closed on a Tuesday night (despite posting hours until 6:30pm and it was only 5pm) and I was able to walk into Village Nails without an appointment for a gel manicure and pedicure. Very nice place, very clean, and, not that this is a deal-breaker, but all of their nail colors were organized very neatly by color. As a very visual person, this pleased me. :) They took me right away to start with the pedicure, and I added the callous treatment - totally worth the extra $10! Sophia really got in there and made my feet so smooth! The regular pedicure included a great leg massage, hot stones and heel wax, which was amazing. Gel manicure was started while I was getting my pedi done, removing my previous color. They didn't use the electric file, which I was so glad about, since the electric file usually makes my nails very weak and brittle. Added bonuses in my world - bottles of water, a TV on the wall which typically plays the news on silent (with subtitles), they take AMEX (very rare), a salon points rewards program (for coupons and free services) and a very nice staff! Definitely going back to this place next time!

Very nice staff, great pedicures, and the best massage I've ever had at a nail salon. They give you a perks card, and discounts if you pay cash or if you are a first time customer. The cons I have: Way too pricey for upgraded pedicure, $65 - especially since the basic pedicure already comes with a lot it's not much more you are getting for such a jump in price. Also, you can pay $15 more each, if you want an extended massage for your legs or back. You can see how the prices can add up quickly for all the extra small things. All in all it is still a really great salon, with a really nice staff that does great work. I will be back and definitely recommend anyone to try it

Clean and well ran business. Pricey, but it's worth it when you're treating yourself! Mini cold waters are handed out personally, which is very refreshing. Solid business, keep going back

UPDATE: While I enjoy their pedicures and basic manicures, they are not skilled in full gel sets. Kim did my nails after I asked for a full gel set. They were super thick and looked fake. They also began to lift after 3 days. I had to have them removed by another salon completely. PREVIOUS POST: Got a regular mani and pedi here today by Jessie. Great job! Enjoyed the extras like hot stones and aloe during the pedicure and the massage while drying my nails. Will definitely return!

I don't know .. maybe I am just overly picky :-/ .. was working in the area & thought I'd give them a try. Super clean .. friendly .. but my pedi is very sloppy!

I have been coming to village on and off for about a year. Michele is very nice and always treats customers very good. Many of the other girls working are good too. The last time I went there I had the worst encounter and will not be returning. The lady doing my gel manicure rushed and completely ruined my nails. She filed my nails all crooked and when I asked her to fix them she just made it worse. When cutting my cuticles, she just didn't. She pretended too. I had to wait 10 minutes to pick out my color AND then she painted on the wrong color. It is now only 2 days later and my nails look terrible, are already overgrown, and the polish is chipping. She clearly didn't know what she was doing and was rushing and was rude. I will not be returning back to Village Nails after this, even though Michele and Anna are very nice and actually do a good job.

Been here twice so far...great place to get regular mani/pedi. I've always dreaded getting my nails done until I discovered this nail salon. They make the experience pleasant and the employees are very nice. The owner is on top of things and is always running around making sure all the customers are being taken care of (including serving cold water bottles!). I hope the service and quality stays this way!

The service for their regular mani and pedi is AMAZING! Never had such detail oriented nail specialists. For the pedicure they did the usual lotion massage along with a nice scrub and heel wax. They provided me flip flops and toe-less socks which was a nice touch since it was a cold day. I called to make an appointment with my boyfriend and they were super busy even when we showed up-- however we didn't wait long. I can see why they're busy, they do such amazing work! For the regular mani/pedi definitely go here.

Wow, really nice salon! Michelle (owner) is very friendly and welcoming. They take walk-ins but also great with appointments. They are very conscientious and professional. Salon seems clean and well kept. They provide a small complimentary bottle of water also. They also have a rewards card - you get 5% back for cash payments and 3% back for credit card payments; tips accepted as cash only. Overall, great experience and would definitely go back! Nice to find a salon worth going to.

This place is great! Usually busy, but they do a great job and are really attentive. They give good massages and offer water or tea, which is nice! Thanks ladies! Keep up the good work!

Love! Love! Best pedicure/manicure ever, Anna was so great! My first time here loved the soothing atmosphere so welcoming...nice touches such as the bottled water and green tea! Many polish options, very clean and relaxing! A must go to place!

I have been a customer at this salon for over a year, and have always had positive experiences there, from the work done as well as the customer service from all the ladies. Unfortunately today my experience was a serious disappointment. A lady by the name of Sheryl gave me the worst customer service I have ever received. She was rude with me multiple times during the session, completely impatient and disrespectful. I politely told her I wanted another coat on three of my nails because I noticed there were light spots on the polish and she scolded me rudely! And that is not the worst of it, the entire session was a complete disappointment. I truly have not yet seen a more rude person with a worse customer service.

Yikes! I usually just read reviews on Yelp (like I did with Village Nails), but I'm pretty disappointed with my fill/gel manicure. Bonus is--I got a little massage while I got a manicure. Negative is, I do not think Kim knows how to apply acrylic, or fill. I travel for work and get my nails done at all different salons and have been for 10 years, I've never had acrylic applied so lumpy, warped and sloppy! The nail shaping is very inconsistent as well. As I mentioned, I was here 2 days ago and already, my middle nail has broke off right before the Easter party I am attending tomorrow (which is why I got the full in the first place). The lady Kim was nice, but I was frustrated as she blamed my lumpy, warped fill on the gel nail polish, and she said it is bad nail polish and not to pick that brand next time because the polish is too thick. The shellac is at 80% of salons I've been to and I've yet to have a problem with it. All in all, the 55 I paid for a polish and fill and 10 minute massage is not worth the small complimentary massage and the small water. I seriously have not been this disappointed in a long time. I wonder if Kim has any training at all. I will NOT go here again!

I went here today for the first time and they were AMAZING! I'm really picky about my nail salons and have yet to find one where I'm satisfied-- but I truly think I found my place! Michelle was so sweet, and she went the extra mile to ensure I had a great first visit-- even asking my name and repeating it so she would remember for the future. They were really busy, but they made sure that they were efficient (without skimping on me). The post-mani massage was great, the pedicure was phenomenal, and--most importantly-- my nails look fantastic! I'll definitely be back!

Always does a great job. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Clean salon. Also gives a little complementary massage after.

I found this gem through Yelp. The ladies there are gracious, welcoming and friendly. I was offered something to drink, some sandals for the go and a hand lotion since I was a new customer. I got a standard mani pedi for $30, very well done. I will definitely go back again.

They are efficient, extremely courteous, and truly go the extra mile. All of the additions they throw in really add up, including hot stones during a pedicure, neck massage while your nails are drying, individual bottles of Poland Spring, etc. You can tell a lot of the patrons are regulars.

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