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One of my favorite nail clients from California visited Naturaly Nails and had her gel nails filled and gel polished by Tracey. As a nailtech myself it is always scary when a client has to see someone else when traveling. The usaual is a redo when they come back because the work is not up to my standards. Well that was not the case with Tracey. The beautiful work she did on my client Valerie was such a treat to see, they were as good as I would have done them. Thank you Tracey!!!! Valerie will definitely be back to see you when she is in town! Vicki Peters, Master Nailtech #2 Manicurist in the USA

I visited naturally nails upon referral of a friend, who accompanied me during my appt with Bernadetta. I got what seemed to be a basic pedicure which was fine. My gel manicure, however, was a different story. To start, she pushed my cuticles back and clipped them while dry, which was uncomfortable. She clipped the skin on my pinky finger to the point where it started dripping blood. I offered to hold pressure but she she apologized and that she's take care of it. She then sprayed it with quick dry spray and put glue on it, then moved on. After filing and painting the rest of my nails the blood had spread into the polish on the finger. She then had to remove it and repaint. As you can see in the picture I left with crusted blood that lasted about four days before fully coming off. At the end, she filed the excess gel from the skin around the nail. When doing this she had now filed my right thumb nail so short that it was very painful and raw at the nailbed. I told her it was very sensitive, she apologized and had me go wash my own hands in the bathroom with an exfoliating gel. I did not receive any lotion or hand massage. I paid $80 for this pedicure/gel manicure and regretfully gave her a 20% tip, feeling awkward and pressured as she watched what tip amount I chose after I swiped my credit card. Although she was nice during the service it did not deserve a 20% tip. I walked out of the salon with my friend and found that my thumbs nail bed was now slightly bleeding. Not much, but it shouldn't at all! My pinky and thumb were so painful! Not to mention risk for infection. I showed my friend that came with me. She agreed that I should call Bernadetta and talk to her about the situation. We thought because Bernadetta seemed nice that she would help rectify the situation somehow. She refused to give me any type of partial refund, but offered a free polish change, which I am not interested in. She also asked me to send pictures of the nails which you see here. I sent them to her on Instagram. The next day my friend went back for her own appt and Bernadetta apparently addressed this issue with her, and then sent me this DM in response. She sent this DM two days later while I was on vacation, (which she knew about). This whole situation made me very uncomfortable and frustrated, and I honestly felt harassed by the message she sent me. Basically a $96 nail nightmare.

Don't go. Absolute snit. Woman actually starting around with me on the street when I told her that I was upset by her service. Miserable. I said I would put it in my review and she said she would just responds to my review. Who tells at customers (potential) in the street? They do.

This salon has been my go-to for over a year now. Lauren is the BEST nail artist you could ask for. She is so much fun to work with and always brings my crazy ideas to life. I get constant compliments on my unique nail art and I couldn't think of going anywhere else. The manicures cost the same as any other salon, where you just get a boring color and not much else. This place is so welcoming and wonderful. I feel like I'm going to see my good friend, rather than just going to see my "nail lady". I love that they take appointments via text too. I won't go anywhere else. Love this place and I cannot praise my girl Lauren more!

Nice break from the norm.... Went in for the first time after a friend suggested. Clean, no high pressure sales (I have natural nails and most places try to talk me into acrylic or gel). Run by local women.....Tech took her time and fixed any imperfections, prices were great. I highly suggest and will be back!

I moved into the E.G. area recently and have been on the lookout for a new place to get a good pedicure. I choose the Spa Pedicure for 40.00 vs the basic pedicure which I think was 25.00. All in all I thought the Spa would of been was a decent price for East Greenwich area, especially on Main Street. The Spa Pedicure services I received included; removal of polish, trimming nails, a plastic callus scrubber, a foot massage, polish application and I think reflexology. So, obviously this review is only about those that are concerned with their feet and I mention that because it appears that all the other reviews have been about manicures which is a whole different beast. The Positives 1. Fantastic and amazing color choices. The best I have ever experienced- a dizzying amount! Additionally they carried this line called Caption Everyday which I've never seen elsewhere and had great colors. 2. Nice greeting 3. Superb job on putting on the color, making sure the polish was applied evenly and I saw some awesome toenail art take place. Stylishly done. 4. Clean facility 5. The reflexology was lovely 6. My nail technician was sweet and friendly The Negatives (sadly, the negatives weighed more than the positives) 1. I almost always use glitter toenail polish. I know it is difficult to remove, but I have never had someone spend so much time removing the polish. Maybe she was trying to preserve my nails but it was a definitely a challenge for her to get it off. The most amount of my pedicure time involved this portion. 2. After my feet soaked and the nails had been trimmed, she used the callus scrubber without any product on my skin other than the water. No lotion-aghhhh-my skin! Additionally, she spent maybe 1.5 minutes TOTAL on this part of the pedicure. It does not look like anything beneficial came out of this service. I'm used to places that spend a couple minutes on each foot (and I'm big into foot maintence and get a pedicure every two weeks so my skin is pretty decent down there). 3. The foot massage involved only a tiny bit of lotion and it only went to my ankles. Additionally, this massage did not even last a minute for both feet. It could of been great, but it was just a tease. I figured for the Spa pedicure this would of been the big part of the experience. 4. The reflexology could of lasted longer, I think this lasted a little less than a minute per foot. When it was being done, it was fabulous, but it was short and sweet. Total time on pedicure: 46 minutes The result? This was, in no way, a Spa pedicure. This was a polish change with some nice reflexology thrown in. I can understand why people enjoy Naturally Nails for their manicures. They spend a lot of time and detail into shaping, applying the polish and making it look on point. But for pedicures, they need to up their game big time. They have potential for this market, but just not right now.

You have not experienced a manicure unless you have been to Naturally Nails. I have been seeing Jess for a while now and she is beyond incredible. I think the prices are quite fair for what she does and she does her job VERY WELL. I have never gotten so many compliments on my nails! She is so sweet and talented. I feel comfortable going in to get my nails done, whereas at other nail salons, I did not feel this way. Everyone is very sweet and welcoming and the atmosphere is very nice. I would suggest making your appointment about a month in advance as she books up extremely fast!

I am always getting compliments on my nails. But this appointment , was over the top!! They are way different! Tracy's creativity in nail art constantly amazes me. I always look forward to what she is going to do.

i cant say enough amazing things about this place and lauren who does my nails. My gel mani last 3 weeks without a chip or anything. Her amazing nail art keeps me going back along our great conversations. I drive a half hour because i wont go anywhere else.

I absolutely love this salon. The decor is so pretty and the salon is tastefully done. All the girls are so friendly and the place is clean. I see Lauren who does amazing work, you can show a picture from Pinterest and she can copy the same design. My gel nails typically last 2 1/2 weeks and I'm constantly hand washing and sanitizing my hands at work.

I usually don't bother to write reviews but felt compelled to say a few words about Naturally Nails in East Greenwich, RI. A few issues with this salon: 1) Snobbish. This place and its customers are more snooty than most salons and I've gotten my nails done on Newbury Street in Boston and in midtown Manhattan. Although they are not rude I got the impression that they feel like they're doing you a favor by letting you get your nails done there. Like its the best salon for miles. Its not so on to my next issue... 2) They do a so-so job for the price. The owner teaches courses on how to do gels and supplies product to area salons. However I've had UV gel nails for years and the job she did on me was average at best with shrinkage and lifting within a week. And it cost me more than any of the salons in the area or even salons I've been to on Newbury Street in Boston. So get over yourselves. 2) Not accommodating to customers. Honestly, the one thing I will say about Asian-owned salons is they will go out of their way to accommodate their customers and they put in real hours for the sake of their businesses. At this place it is virtually impossible to even get an appointment the day before for the next day. They may not have a policy against walk-ins but you'll most surely be waiting for hours on top of getting funny looks from the employees and they're regular customers like "you must be new here." How is it possible that this tiny place with four techs in the middle of this tiny town is booked as if they're on Madison Avenue or Newbury Street? One, because the salon keeps bankers hours - closed Mondays, Tues-Wed 9-5, Thurs. 9-8, Fri. 9-6 and Sat. 9-4. With those hours they clearly intend to cater to the rich housewives in town because everyone else with a job couldn't possibly make it to their salon during business hours. And closing at 4pm on a Saturday? Really, ladies? Two, half the time only two of the four techs are working at any given time and they are SLOW!!! Again, living in a Stepford Wives dream world where no one has anywhere to be. Long story short if you can even get an appointment or make it to the salon during their business hours I would say give them a try since they do a wide range of designs utilizing glitter, paint and gels - which is why they get two stars instead of one. But overall they need to step up their customer service and quality of work. I'll only be going back as a last resort.

I have been looking at yelp for years but have never actually felt compelled to write a review. After several of my girlfriends suggested that I yelp about my experience at Naturally Nails, I decided to do so. My appt. was for 12:15 pm. Despite being a little annoyed because I had to wait until about 12:35, I decided to let it go because I know that some appointments run longer....ONLY to realize that the woman took me 20 minutes late so she could do another nail tech's nails!!! SOO unprofessional. I let it go. As I was getting my gel manicure, the nail tech texted on her phone several times. Fine...I let it go. Then, she realized that she had not let one of my nails "cure" long enough under the light. Did she redo the nail? Nope. She lightly buffed it and painted over chipped THREE days later... (these are GEL nails..they are supposed to last two weeks. The nail tech was really starting to bother me at this point but I'm pretty patient so I didn't say anything. I get my pedicure. She used the nail clippers on my big toe and my nail is SO short that the skin that connects the nail to my toe is literally might take three weeks to grow back. Not exactly sure why she did that other than she just wasn't paying attention. second gel nail just chipped and it has been four days. Absolutely one of THE worst gel mani and pedis I have EVER gotten. ...and for $68!!!!! I still tipped the woman 20% because honestly she was very nice...AWFUL at doing nails and if I had a choice I wouldn't have paid her more than $10 but I almost felt bad for her for just being absolutely awful at her job. If anyone is around the Boston suburbs, I recommend Nails & Co...same prices and your nails will look GORGEOUS!

For acrylics - which is like their big thing - WAAAAAY overrated. 1. My full set popped off in less than a week. I know this can happen and it's not necessarily the tech's fault, but what IS their fault is.... 2. COMPLETELY uneven!! I looked like an idiot! Like, stop talking and pay attention to how much you're filing... 3. DIDN'T LISTEN TO WHAT I ASKED FOR. I said short as you can, just above the fingertip. I ended up with DAGGERS. All this for just 60 bucks! Skip it.

Absolutely the best!!! I absolutely love my nails!!! My nails are gorgeous!!! They look so natural. The atmosphere is very relaxed and I felt like I had known them for years! This is the place to go for your nails!!!

I'm raving about Naturally Nails in East Greenwich, RI because their manicures last twice as long as most nail salons. Even though they are super-busy, you'll never feel rushed or processed. The employees talk to customers instead of talking to each other in foreign languages. Oh, and the water for soaking your cuticles is actually warm. If you need a manicure/pedicure, tell them develup is a raving fan.

naturally nails ri
naturally nails ri

naturally nails ri

naturally nails ri

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