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Even though my husband has officially removed the visible mold in our home, we unfortunately are now dealing with mold spores in the air. Consequently, I have been having nose bleeds and mid afternoon fatigue, which always leads to a nap.

Another side effect of mold spores is that it can ruin your skin. My heels have developed callus’, which are now cracking and bleeding. It feels like I am walking on craters that are lodges in my feet. I have also noticed black spots in some of the cracks, which is likely fungus.

Here’s a gross picture of my feet prior to the clay mask:

Dry Cracked Heels

A few months ago, I developed fungus on the epidermis layer of the bottom of my feet. I also have horrible nail fungus, which has deformed my nails. Forwarning: these pictures of my nails may be nauseating to those with weak stomachs.

Last night, I decided to use some bentonite clay to alleviate some of the ache and hopefully do a deep cleanse of the callus’ on my heels. I read on the container that it can be used on your face, as clay baths, and even as foot soaks. So, I gave it a try.

I used Indian Healing Clay and mixed it with Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I purchased both from iHerb because they are a lot cheaper than my local health supply store. If you make a purchase through one of my links, you can save $5 off any order or $10 off $40 + free shipping with my affiliate code VDB510. I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase and I sincerely thank you– it helps me be able to afford the costs of keeping this blog up & running.

iHerb Coupon Code

I followed the directions on the Indian Clay jar, which instructed me to use equal parts clay with equal parts ACV or water. I chose to use the apple cider vinegar because it’s powerful and my feet clearly needed as much help as possible.

When I combined the clay and ACV, the mixture began to bubble a little. It smelled strongly of vinegar but it wasn’t overbearing. I applied the clay mask and sat on the couch as the clay dried.

It felt cool and somewhat relieving to apply the wet mask. It didn’t tingle or burn, which was surprising since I have such deep cuts.

Natural Remedy Cracked Heels

After about 15 minutes, I scooted my feet on a dry towel towards the bathroom. Smart people that plan ahead would probably have a bucket of water to sink their feet into once they were ready. But at least I had a dry towel nearby! ??

After I rinsed my feet clean of any clay, I began drying them. I actually saw dry skin peeling off of my heels. I was shocked!

So I put my feet back in the tub and scrubbed them a little more thoroughly to get the remaining dead skin off.

After I dried them for the second time, I applied lotion to the entire foot. I am still impressed with how well this clay mask works for dry, cracked heels! I will definitely use it again and again. I am hoping that my feet never get this bad again though. I figure that once we are done with our mold escapade, we should all go back to having a healthy life once again. (I hope!)

Dry Cracked Heel Remedy

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cracked toenails remedy
How To Fix Cracked Toenails: Effective Fixes To Treat Cracked Toenails

Cracked toenails can be a nightmare, and some may think there is no quick fix for it. If in case you encounter this situation, you must have some knowledge on how to fix cracked toenails.

Contrary to what most may believe, fixing cracked toenails is easy and can be done using products that are often available around the home.

The steps may be a bit tricky, but it is completely doable just as long as you follow this guide. With that said, utmost care is very critical while completing these steps.

This article will guide you through the different ways on how to fix cracked toenails. Plus, I will also give you a few pointers that you need to know about properly taking care of your nails to prevent it from cracking. 

How To Fix Cracked Toenails

What You Will Need

Before I go through the different ways on how to fix cracked toenails, you would need to gather some essentials that you will need to complete this job. Here is the list of essentials you will need for fixing cracked toenails.

  • Nail File - you can file down your nail if in case it is just a minor crack and does not extend to the nail bed.
  • Clear Tape - another quick fix is to use clear tape to wrap it around the affected toe.
  • Glue - use this to hold split toenails together until it dries.
  • Clear Top Coat - you can apply this after the glue dries to make sure everything is held together properly.
  • Tea Bag - you can use the paper tea bag together with the clear top coat as a cover and to reinforce your cracked or split toenail.
  • Vicks - rub this over the cracked toenail and then wear socks over it.
  • Nail Cutter - use this once the crack or split on your toenails has grown past your fingertip.

How To Fix Cracked Toenails: The Step-by-step Process Made Simple

Once the essentials have been obtained, you may now go through the different, easy and simple ways on how to fix cracked toenails.

1. Filing Your Nails Down

You can use this method if in case the crack on your toenails is not severe and does not extend into the nail bed. Usually, these are cracks that are just started out and can still be fixed by filing the nail down. Use a nail file and file the crack until it is less visible. 

(Tip: It is best to avoid filing your nail when dry since this might make the crack worse. You can soak your nails first in water and dry it down with a clean towel, then proceed to the filing process.)

2. Using Clear Tape

This is another quick fix that you can use, especially if you happen to be somewhere outside the comfort of your home.

Cut a small portion of the clear tape, then wrap it gently around the affected toe. This will help hold the cracked or split toenail together while you go on with your day’s activity. This will also help prevent the crack or split from getting worse.

(Tip: Only use this as a quick fix while you cannot do a more permanent fix for your cracked toenails.)

3. Using Glue

In certain situations, the crack can go vertically which is more like a split in your toenail. In the case, you can opt to use glue as a fix for it. Take a small amount of glue then apply it to along the split. Afterward, hold or press the nail together until you notice that the glue is already dry.

(Tip: Once the glue dries, you can also apply a clear top coat to make sure it is held together pretty well and the surface of your nail remains smooth.

4. Using Tea Bag

This method uses a piece of tea bag paper. First is to cut a piece of paper tea bag that will fit the shape of your toenail. Next is to apply a clear top coat on your cracked or split toenail.

Let it dry for around 3 seconds then proceed to arrange the piece of tea bag over the clear top coat. Smooth the paper tea bag over your toenail and make sure there are no bubbles or wrinkles and then let it dry.

5. Using Vicks

This method may not be as immediate compared to the other options, but it can be as effective. Start with washing your feet and drying it afterward. Take a small amount of Vicks and rub it over the cracked or split toenail.

Next is to wear socks and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash your feet and toenails with warm water. Repeat this procedure until you have noticed that the crack or split is less visible.

6. Trimming Your Toenails

This option is only applicable once the crack or split on your toenails has grown out past your fingertips. This means you will need to wait for a little while until this happens. However, once it does, you can easily and safely trim off the part of your toenails that has a crack or split.

Important Tips To Prevent Cracked Toenails

Although there may be many ways to fix a cracked toenail, preventing this from happening is significantly beneficial. This can save you all that inconvenience and effort you need to put into fixing your cracked toenail. Here are some of the important tips to prevent cracked toenails.

  • Keeping Your Toenails Moisturized

One of the causes of cracked toenails is dryness. When your toenails are often dry, it is prone to cracking. To avoid this from happening, always make sure to keep your toenails moisturized. You can apply lotion to your hand and feet as well as your nails.

Another option is to apply essential oils to your nail bed and massage it gently after. You can also make use of foot creams or cuticle creams.

  • Use Nail Polish or Fake Nails Less

Using nail polish as well as fake nails can make your toenails dry and brittle. Nail polishes often have chemicals that can dry out your toenails. This goes the same with using fake nails often. If your toenails become dry and brittle, it becomes more prone to cracking or splitting.

  • Maintain The Proper Length Of Nails

Another way to prevent your toenails from cracking or splitting is to maintain its proper length. Having long toenails can make it prone to cracking or splitting. It is more advisable to keep it on a length that can suit your daily activities.


There are many ways to fixing a cracked toenail as I have shared with you in this article. Be that as it may, avoiding or preventing it from happening in the first place is all the more important.

Properly taking care of your toenails plays a crucial role in all of this as well. With that said, keep in mind the preventive tips as well as the different ways on how to fix cracked toenails.

Were you able to find answers through this article? Was the step-by-step guide easy for you to follow? Do you find the additional tips helpful?

Can you think of other suggestions about this topic? I would like to know your opinion about this article. Send your feedback and suggestions by leaving a comment below.

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Cracked Toenail: Causes & Home Remedies

Home Blogs Natural Cures For Cracked Toenail

By Patricia | April 21, 2010

Cracked toenails can be unsightly and unpleasant both for the person whose toes they are and for others. One of the main causes of cracked toenail is a toenail fungus. For this the main thing to do is to get rid of this toenail fungus first if one wishes to get rid of the problem of cracked toenails. There are various recipes and home remedies that could be used to cure this problem. A fairly common remedy is to take some apple cider vinegar or some white vinegar and also some water. Simply try to soak your feet in the mixture which is made up of equal parts of vinegar and equal parts of warm water. This soaking needs to be done for least half an hour each time. Then proceed to towel dry the feet thoroughly after this procedure has been completed. Try to do this treatment at least once or twice in a day until all the fungus has disappeared. Your yellow and cracked nails will start to heal naturally once the fungus is finally gone.

Another effective recipe is to combine a little bit of tea tree oil and also a dash of lavender oil in a vessel. Then use this herbal oil mixture on each and every cracked nail on a daily basis. Place a single drop on to each nail and then rub gently. Always wear clean socks to cover this and also leave the mixture on overnight. You can also attempt this remedy two to three times in a day for an even faster healing. Another effective home remedy is to use mouthwash in treating the fungus on one’s toenail and also in treating the cracks on the surface of the nail. Make a solution of mouthwash and warm water and try to soak your feet in this solution at least twice in a day. For best results repeat this procedure as often as possible. Laundry bleach is another ingredient that could be used to get rid of the fungus that has developed on the surface of the nail. Remember to check if you are allergic to this bleach first. If so avoid using this line of treatment as the results can be quite disastrous. If one is not allergic to this then all you have to do is create a mixture of a teaspoon of laundry bleach and some water, then soaked the infected feet in this solution for about 5 to 8 minutes. This can be done twice in a day. However if any itching occurs post this treatment, then it should be stopped immediately.


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