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A story thats getting some Internet buzz today says a recent personality diagnosis trend in Japan suggests the shape of your nail beds can reveal your personality traits. Long nail beds are linked with creativity, broad sideways nails with eloquence, square nails with guts, and six other nail-type-personality links we really want to believe.Here are all the different nail shapes linked with characteristicsyou can see each personality description further down the page:

Rocket News tsume englishtsume english

Now, we do know that your health can bereflected in your nailsits the first place nutritional deficiencies and other health issues can show up. But personality? Its a fun idea, but theres not one ounce of evidence to support this theory.Nail shape and size is determined by the shape and size of your nail matrix, says Dana Stern, a NY-based dermatologist who specializes in nail disorders. The larger the matrix, the thicker and larger the nail. The width and thickness of a typical nail is largely determined by genetics, and there are many different genes involved in determining how your fingernails look. Could these same genes also play into the millions of factors that determine our personality? Technically, its not impossible, but its a far off theory that were years away from fully understanding.

This is more likely a case of confirmation bias. Thats when we interpret a piece of information in a manner thats partial to an existing belief we hold. For example, according to this article my long nail beds signal Im highly imaginative, creative and meticulous. Which I am, of course.Or more aptly, I like to believe that I posess these qualities and when I see those words attributed to me, I immediatly think Yes! This is true! (Because Im so imaginative, I think in exclamation points.) In actuality being imaginative is a sweeping term that could be used to descibe most of the population. Confirmation bias is the same phenomenon that science-minded folks use to explain why we love horoscopes (hey, dont shoot the messenger).Here are the traits associated with each nail bed. Its a fun concept, but just like you would (we hope) with a horoscope, take it with a grain of salt.

Vertically long: Youre a mild-tempered romanticist

Rocket News vert long 1vert long 1

It is likely that your right brain is more well-developed, and youre the highly imaginative type. You are meticulous and creative, but you tend to get overwhelmed by the surrounding atmosphere and might easily be deceived, so you might want to be a little more cautious and alert. When it comes to dealing with the logical left-brained type, you might find it difficult to understand each other and may even end up in conflict.

Broad sideways: Youre a short-tempered theorist

Rocket News broad sidebroad side

It is likely that your left brain is more well-developed, and youre the highly eloquent type. You clearly verbalize what you think, and that gives people an impression that youre straightforward and clear-cut. However, you tend to be impatient and short-tempered, so it might be a good idea to practice a little self-restraint at times. You cant really come to terms with the emotional right-brained types who listen to their hearts more than their heads.

Rounded or egg-shaped: Youre a laid-back pacifist

Rocket News round egground egg

Youre the happy-go-lucky type who does things at your own pace. Youre very sociable, and whenever the people around you get into an argument, youre always the first one to step in as a mediator. Your bright personality is well-liked by many, but you might give others an impression that youre an easy person, so keep yourself in check so that your friends wont lose their trust in you. In comparison to other types, you get along relatively well with all types.

Squarish: Youre serious and hard-headed

Rocket News squaresquare

Youre the one with perseverance and guts; many men happen to fall under this type. Your serious attitude is a good thing, but your hard-headedness and inflexibility is like a flaw on a precious stone. If you could try to be less stubborn and think with more flexibility, things might work out more smoothly for you

Triangular or inverted triangle: Youre the sensitive genius

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Youre the provider of brand new ideas, and the one who always notices the minute details in things that others miss. People of the inverted triangle type can be a little pushy, while upright triangle types tend to be overly sensitive and cant tolerate indiscreet people around them. They are likely to feel annoyed at people who are too comfortable with doing things at their own pace.

Almond-shaped: Youre faithful and honest

Rocket News almondalmond

You have a vivid imagination and youre kind and always sincere with people. You are very courteous and polite, but have low-tolerance, and tend to become short-tempered when it comes to things that you cant accept. When you feel like youre about to snap, it might do you some good to step aside for a moment and cool your head to get back on track.

Sword-shaped: Youre the ambitious idealist

Rocket News swordsword

Youre the type who wouldnt hesitate to work hard to achieve your goals. As long as its something that will help you advance towards your ideals, youll do it, even if its something you dislike. However, youre lacking in the cooperationdepartment. You are also likely to feel impatient when dealing with people who are too relaxed and dont keep up with you. It would probably be beneficial to pick up the ability to work with others.Nail Bed Personality Descriptions Via:Rocket News

Original Source:Zhaizhai News

nails shapes personality
What Does the Shape of Your Nails Say About You? You Might Be Surprised . . .

Nail Personality Diagnosis?

Sorry? Can you repeat that?

Japan home of all things uber cool (and bonsai cant get enough of those gorgeously serene trees) has released this new trend to the rest of the world the shape of your nails can reflect your personality. Psychology meets O.P.I, perhaps?!

Is there any truth to any of this? Who knows. What we do know is its fun to think about. Why not check it out for yourself below? How accurate is your Nail Personality Diagnosis?

The Shapes

long-narrow-shapeLong & Narrow Shaped

Creativity and genius are two words often used to describe long & narrow. This is due to their tendency to be more right-brain dominant. Unfortunately, with genius often comes naivety. Dont let others take you for the fool you are not. Make sure your trust is earned, not given freely. Many of historys great artists were said to be vertically long.

Long & Narrow Shaped: Creative Genius But Slightly Naive

short-wide-shapeShort & Wide Shaped

Silver-tongued and poetic, you can talk your way out of, or into, any situation. Thats a good thing. Whats not a good thing is your extreme reliance on logic, while ignoring your emotions, which can sometimes come back to haunt you.

Short & Wide Shaped: Charismatic & Logical

rounded-shapeRound Shaped

Life is one great big party for those who are rounded. You are a people person who knows how to have fun. People love you, and why wouldnt they? Youre awesome! Ideally, a rounded will find their soulmate in one of the more serious-minded shapes, proving once again that opposites truly do attract.

Round Shaped: Life of the Party

egg-shapeEgg Shaped

Youre a hybrid of the strength of square, but with the softer, more delicate traits of a round. While you may not excel in any single area like other shapes, your all-around qualities help make you both unique and trusted.

Egg Shaped: All-Around Good Person

square-shapeSquare Shaped

Strength and stubbornness are hallmarks of those who are squares. While there will be some who dislike you for it, there will be many more who will find much-needed comfort in your strength. No one has a sturdier shoulder to cry on than the square, which is one of the prime reasons why women tend to be attracted to square men.

Square Shaped: Strong But Stubborn

triangular-shapeTriangular Shaped

Innovation and attention to detail are two areas in which you excel, which is why you can find great success in the business world and always keep your lovers happy. Inverted triangles can be a bit too bossy, however.

Triangular Shaped: Innovative Leader

almond-shapeAlmond Shaped

Almond shapes are sensitive souls on the surface, but fiery deep inside. The most kind and caring people in the world to those they find agreeable, yet get on their bad side and there will be hell to pay. If the almond can learn to control their emotions, theyll find supreme happiness in life.

Almond Shaped: Soft But Feisty

diamond-shapeDiamond Shaped

Nobody has more ambition than the Diamond shape. There is no task too tough to stop you from reaching your goals. Your only noticeable flaw is the high standards you have for those around you. Learn to harness your drive and go easier on your peers, and your friendships will become even stronger.

Diamond Shaped: Ambitious Go-Getter

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Nail Shapes, Meaning and Personality Analysis | Nail Shapes

There are may nail shapes among many people. People decide to shape their nails because they feel like it. And the shape they choose often matches their personality. Nail shapes are a great source of information when it comes to our personality and characteristics. You wont believe how our nail shapes explain our personality.

Here are the nail shapes and their meaning & personality analysis:

Personality analysis for round shaped nails

round nails

Round nails are one of the most natural-looking nail shapes among all. They are simple and easy to make. People with round nails definitely so confident. They are happy with who they are and ready to spread love. They see the beauty in everything and believe too flashy things are so unnecessary. People with round nails are convincing, reliable and liked by many people.

Heres the full guide for round shaped nails:

Round Nails Guide

Personality analysis for mountain peak shaped nails

long mountain peak nails

Mountain peak shaped nails are one of the showiest and flashy nail shapes. People with mountain peak shaped nails are generally younger. They love to attract the eyes of other people and make them jealous. They are also so creative and emotionally sensitive.

People who have mountain peak shaped nails like to be sexy and they are great influencers when it comes to fashion.

Heres a full guide for mountain peak shaped nails:

Mountain Peak Nails Guide

Personality analysis for oval-shaped nails

Squoval Nails Guide

People with oval-shaped nails are like people with round shaped nails. They are happy with their life and their appearance. They are very sociable and they know how to talk with others and give trust. They are also very likable.

Heres a full guide for oval-shaped nails:

Oval Nails Guide

Personality analysis for squoval shaped nails

White Squoval Nails

The squoval shape is the mixture of oval and square nail shape. These people are happy with their life. They are also simple and elegant. They like to match their style with their manicure. They dont try to follow trends and like to wear classic. However, this habit of them usually makes them icon when it comes to set trends. People around them like them so much because they are not fake. They are natural influencers and very reliable people.

Heres a full guide for squoval shaped nails:

Squoval Nails Guide

Personality analysis for stiletto shaped nails


People who have stiletto shaped nails are definitely not shy and like to attract eyes on the events they attend. They certainly love to be under the spotlight. They want to get the most attention on every occasion and they certainly know what to do with the attention they take. These people definitely love to watch the trends closely.

Heres a full guide for stiletto shaped nails:

Stiletto Nails Guide

Personality analysis for ballerina (coffin) shaped nails


People with ballerina (coffin) shaped nails love to look feminine. These people love to work hard to achieve their goals and do everything towards their ideals. They are hard-working at work, at gym, at home and also at everything. They feel proud of their gender.

However, people with ballerina (coffin) shaped nails are also impatient when dealing with people. As they are hard-working, they dont like too relaxed people. They are great team members if they work with hard-working people like themselves.

Heres a full guide for ballerina (coffin) shaped nails:

Coffin (Ballerina) Nails Guide

Personality analysis for almond-shaped nails


People with almond-shaped nails are so elegant and classy. They love to look great and set trends. They are also very generous and gentle when it comes to dealing with other people. These people are so kind and feminine. They are creative and hard-working.

The clearest difference between people with ballerina (coffin) nails and people with almond-shaped nails is people with almond nails are so emotionally sensitive. They look strong and powerful, but they have a very fragile heart in them, which makes them so cute!

Heres the full guide for almond-shaped nails:

Almond Nails Guide

Personality analysis for square shaped nails


People with square-shaped nails are basic and honest. They definitely know what they are doing. These people tend to be leaders and they know how to benefit from every situation. The people with square-shaped nails are strong and reliable which makes them successful in their career. They care about what they do and they never finish their jobs just to finish. They work for perfect.

These people are also very enjoyable and know how to party when its time!

Heres the full guide for square shaped nails:

Square Nails Guide


Nail trends come and go, but often we stick to our go to shape without a second thought.

You can be as creative as you want when doing your nails but dont stop at your polish. When choosing a design, the shape of your own nail can make all the difference. You can make a statement in a whole new way.

Since filing is the first or one of the first steps in doing your nails, shape is important. Youve got a lot of ways to be creative with nail shapes because they can make the same boring design or colour look totally new.

Your nail art is a reflection of your personality and your nail shape is an extension of that. Whether youre bold and edgy, or a low maintenance gal, your nail shape says it all.

What does your nail shape say about you

Round This classic shape says it all; youve worked the same style for some time and you have most likely been loyal to the same manicurist for years.

Tip; this can be used to make hands that are a little bigger look smaller as it directs the eye down the natural contour of the finger.

Try this This round shape suits most nail types and is the perfect base for trying out new shades and textures.

Nude round nails

Square This shape is less subtle than the almond or oval based shapes, so youre most likely the type of person who doesnt mind trying loud colours or exploring nail art. Your style runs the same course, with experimental or statement pieces.

Tip; The key is to avoid making nails look shorter, which is what this shape tends to do. Try filing the sides of nails to keep this look long and elegant.

Try this If you have a narrow nail bed. Steer clear if your nails are on the wider side, as this shape wont flatter your hand.

Square manicure nails

Super short Youre low maintenance. You like simplicity and your style is the same. You like tailored pieces or loose t-shirts and your dream wardrobe isnt that dissimilar to your boyfriends or husband, except for the occasional heels.

Tip; This nail shape is best finished with an oval or rounded tip. A square shape will make your nails look even shorter.

Try this If youre fond of loud nail shades, or your nail bed is naturally long from tip to cuticle.

Super short nails

Stiletto Youve been watching the ins and outs of the nail world closely and know this shape has been steadily gaining momentum since spotted on the runways. You dont shy from the spotlight. If youre matching this with a simple evening look, youre on the right track.

Tip; Avoid dark colours

Try this If you have a short nail bed as the space needed to create the tip adds length.

Stiletto Nails

Almond A diluted version of the pointed nail, this is for those with modern taste. Quality is important to you and you wont go for anything that looks dated or vintage. This softer version of the stiletto has a classic appeal that suits you perfectly.

Tip; Dont grown nails longer than a centimetre past your finger tip or youll be treading close to tacky.

Try this If you have a wider nail bed this one is for you, as it draws the eye to the narrowing tip.

Almond Nails

Squoval (square/oval) Youre not into experimenting and you like the status quo. Simple, elegant and halfway between a rounded and square nail. Your manicure matches your style, which veers on the classic side and is updated regularly with seasonal accessories.

Tip; You can alter this style to suit your finger shape. Go slightly more rounded if you have wide nails; if you have a thinner nail width you can afford to go more square.

Try this If you want a simple wear-anywhere shape, or if youre a fence sitter between an oval and a square (best of both worlds).

Squoval Nails

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