1st solar nails cedar hill hours

1st solar nails cedar hill hours

1st solar nails cedar hill hours
Cedar Hill, Texas - 1st Solar Nails & Spa

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Cedar Hill Nails - Cedar Hill, TX


444 E Fm 1382
Ste D
Cedar Hill, TX 75104
(469) 272-9150

I like coming to Cedar Hill nails. Lisa does a great job and is very sweet. I wish they served wine! Lol

If I could give less than 1 star, I would. This was the absolute worst nail experience I've ever had. No one said anything to me when I walked in THEN I asked for the deluxe lemon martini pedicure.. the girl was sloppy with all the supplies, barely massaged my legs & DID NOT massage my feet. It clearly states "deep relaxation massage" then I asked if she was not going to rub my feet & she said "I mean...I will if you want me to"....WHAT?!? So she rubbed each foot for approximately 60 seconds, painted my toes and that was that. I complained to management because for $45, I expect a much better experience - I was given $10 off my pedicure. I also had my nails dipped, the man that did those did a sloppy job and asked me to rinse my hands in the pedicure bowl instead of the sink. I've never been so appalled by a nail salon. Save yourself the frustration & spend your money elsewhere!

I usually get my nails done in Downtown Dallas-uptown area. Got spoiled I guess. Didn't seem clean here. Everyone sharing top coats and dip polish. Same price for this spot vs. a top notch-spoil a girl- pedi and dip($70). Tech realized she didn't apply the same amount of powder to both hands as one hand's nails looked almost transparent. Will wait to see what my nails look like in a few days. Asked for a color that must match for toes and hands. Needless to say, no peep toes this week. I tried to walk in for the aura in 3 other spots in same area- walked right back out. Oh well, lesson learned. Nailed, Miniluxe and Beyoutiful nails in uptown are the best bets for me. Won't be back.

I really enjoyed the service. I got the gel nails and they came out exactly how I wanted. I will definitely come back again!

Lord please dnt visit here! They don't greet black people. I seen all races come through the door and were greeted and assisted while they just starred at the black women who walked in. Including myself. After my pedicure she did not offer my one use flip flops she just left me in the chair. After I asked for the disposal shoes she then told me " you can wear those" as she pointed to my nice Sandles risking getting nails polish on them wow Also my pedicure with a set price somehow jumped between when I asked for nothing extra. I was not notified about my price until I checked out ? When did it go up ? No clue after I asked her how she replied response is " This is America everybody should now" wow. Something crazy to assume being me and her both aren't from America You would definitely tell customers when additions are being added to their tab especially with a simple service. Won't return! And and if I could give I 0 stars I would. We have to do better on customer service

This nail salon has consistently given me the best manicure and pedicure I believe I have had. The salon is always clean, the wait is never too long and the technicians are super friendly and personable.

Stopped in for a mani and a pedicure no one smiled no one was pleasant no one introduced themselves horrible service will not be going back and no one offered me a water I had to ask and he he was not pleasant he just put the water down with no expression. If the staff is tired just close the shop and stay home because it shows in your expression and body language will not recommend them to no one

I stopped in because of a few reasons. 1.) a few coworkers had nothing but good things to say about this place 2.) it's close to my job. I got off and needed my nails done and came to Cedar Hill Nails and Cindy did an AMAZING job. This is now my nail salon and I REFUSE to go back to the one I been going to for 3 years. GO TRY THEM!!! Not to mention THEY ARE CLEAN!

I tried this place for the first time after experiencing a next door bad nail salon and this place is way better. I had to find a closer place to my job so I'll be able to get my nails done right after work and this is the place for me. I had Cindy and she was so nice and understanding

I waited 15-20 minutes for Kim and even after waiting that long, the young receptionist tried to past my service to someone else. Typical non-understanding nail shop. You have to understand a business level of enlgish. So you already know....I excused myself and left.

I used to go to this place religiously but after dan was fired, I just wasn't interested. There is a overweight lady there that constantly rolls her eyes and has a bad attitude. The owner who sits by the counter is really nice. I had her do my nails once, they lasted a while but dan was really good.

I was a loyal client here but after yesterday I will not be coming here anymore do not come waste your time or money here YOU WILL NOT LEAVE SATISFIED. When I went in the lady was so rushed doing my nails and did a horrible job that I set up and apt some where else to get this removed and redone I feel like if I'm paying you why are you rushing thru your job it was just horrible and as I tried to get it fixed she only made it worst.

New large salon. Kim has new technicians. My nails look great.

This review is way over due. I just moved away from this area, and this old saying holds true: You never know what you have until it's gone. I can't find anyone as good as Cindi. I went to her for 5 years. The best in the Dallas area. They won't rip you off here and Cindi does an impeccable job. My nails always looked perfect after. They would never lift or chip. I was always very happy with her work. She is great at solar nails, gel no chip, pedicures and waxing. Tip well and they will remember you here. Having a margarita machine doesn't hurt either.

Wow worst place I've been this far.. Just moved from California and it's so hard to find a good nail salon.. I'm not saying everyone in this nail salon is bad maybe it was just the person that I got stuck with.. 1 - the utensils she used on me (nail clipper, cuticle remover, etc) they were just thrown in her drawer obviously not sanitized from the last customer she used them on .. I saw her using the same ones on another customer she started on while I was drying my nails 2 - I asked for white tip manicure so when she was adding the clear coat on my whole nail white smears got on my nail.. The white tip hadn't dried yet so it smeared it on my entire nail the clear coat she was using was almost gone and was super crusty and the brush was full of lent that got on my nail 3 - I pointed the smears to her and she ignored me and kept doing what she was doing I finally pulled my hand from her and asked her to use a different white coat because it had gotten white polish on the brush making the rest of my nails smear she got a new one and finished my nails .. I asked her if she was going to fix the smeared ones and she said to let them dry that it will disappear 4 - it didn't disappear .. The manager or owner not sure who she was came and asked if I was happy with my nails and I told her no and explained what was wrong she then said that the lady was going to fix them.. She did fix them but was sarcastic and rude while fixing my nails acting like it was my fault not hers that she smeared my nails I usually don't complain if they do a bad job I just leave and never come back but it's not fair to pay and not be satisfied

No No No and no again. The gel nails cost way too much and didn't last long at all. It started to peel at the ends in less than a week. Mainly because she didn't clean up the cuticles and the polish was touching the skin. I tried to help her fix it before I left which just created more problems. I needed her to remove the the old polish which, I'm not sure if she used acetone or regular remover as she ending up almost grinding my nail beds trying to get it off. I explained to her that my nails are natural and you can't treat them that way. Needless to say my nails chipped on the ends because of the way she filed them, the polish did not set, she had an attitude problem, the facility was not really clean and I didn't feel welcomed to come back. I try to give a facility a second chance but I'm over this one.

This place is amazing!!! I have had solar nails for about 8 years now and this is the only place I trust to do my nails. I have been going to them for about the whole 8 years and gone to a few different places here and there. After experiencing other places this is the only place I trust. They do exactly what you tell them you want to do. After going here awhile they know me and know exactly what I want which is nice. I usually go to Danny, he is amazing!!! I should have wrote this review sooner just never thought about it. I recommend anyone go here that wants great nails and customer service!!! Also the prices are very reasonable here!

Definitely not the best set of nails I've ever had. The people that work there are nice..but that's not enough for me to be back.

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