Biogel nails

biogel nails

biogel nails
Bio Gel Nails (The Ultimate Guide)

What are Bio Gel Nails?

It's a Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure, the original gel manicure. There are two different methods behind these gel nails; either by overlaying on your shorter natural nails, or by getting nail extensions. It is the 3-week chip proof manicure that cures under UV light and leaves you with strong, flexible and shiny nails. Bio Gel Nails are also known as a treatment that promotes strength and growth to your natural nails.

bioseaweed bio gel nails

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Let me tell you something, bio gel nails are the insiders secret to long-wearing and healthier nails. Unlike other gel nails which leave you with an aftermath to clean up, bio gel nails don't contain any strong bonding ingredients that would damage your nails and leave them in a mess.

Popular Bio Gel Nail Brands

bio gel nails brand

Let's do a little review regarding bio sculpture gel. This is the main company behind bio gel nails. Their products are 100% vegan, they don't do any animal testing and their products come in over 150 colors.

When I talk about the 3 week chip free manicure, this is the brand behind it. They are also the first company to introduce soak off gel nail polish, color gel and gel nail sculpting.

Since they are the pioneer in this industry, they have gone through heavy health tests and achieved a 5 star rating.

bio gel nails seaweed gel

Bio Seaweed Gel (Big 5 Free)

Just like Bio Sculpture Gel, these don't require any heavy filling, buffing, etc. Bio Seaweed Gel guarantees zero dehydration, weakening and staining on your natural nails.

Unlike the 3 week chip free Bio Sculpture Gel, this brand claims to last around 2 weeks with a nice diamond finish. In addition, it is an "All in one" system, removing the need for a base and top coat. You may still apply them, but they are optional.

I personally find that applying 2 layers of the coat is not enough to get a nice solid color. Applying 3-4 layers ?gives you the best look.

They cure under LED, UV, and fortunately natural light.

A Russian Brand of bio gel nails. Their products are very similar to Bio Seaweed Gel products, also Big 5 Free and part of the whole "nail treatment" bandwagon.

El Corazon's best selling product is their active bio-gel, a nail treatment which strengthens your nails and lasts for 2 weeks.

Where to get a Bio Gel Nail Manicure?

Note that a bio nail gel manicure can either be an overlay (like gel or shellac) or extensions. (similar to fake nails)

Generally, anyone can do it, but if you go to your local nail salon, check to see if they have a certificate from Bio Sculpture Gel or Bio Seaweed Gel. These people will have taken courses and are professional trained for this specific type of manicure.

PS. The Bio Sculpture Nail technicians keep a log of your "nail history" to know what to prescribe you in the future.

Bio Sculpture Salon Finder

Bio Seaweed Salon Finder

How much does it cost?

Bio gel nail overlays cost between $35-50.

Extensions go from $60-80.

Where to Buy Gel Nail Products

bio gel nails

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You may buy these online from the 3 brand websites listed above. In addition to those, the products are sold at certified beauty supplies in your area.

eBay and Amazon are always options, but the products here may be from re-sellers. Make sure you ALWAYS compare the product you see online to the original product on the brand website. This is a good way to spot fake products early and to save your money.

H?ypnoticPolish and C?hickettes are beauty websites that sell some of these bio gel nail products.

How are Bio Gel Nails healthy for your nails?

The Good

  • Promotes natural nail growth
  • No chipping or peeling
  • Vitamin dose on your nails keeps them healthy (no dehydration)
  • Base coat strenghtens and nourishes your natural nails
  • Keep their glossy look from one week to the next

The Bad

  • 1 Hour Process
  • Very Thick
  • Sometimes you just get tired of having the same nail polish for 3 weeks

Bio Gel Nail Application Process 

This is the general bio gel nails overlay process on short nails.

Existing nail polish is taken off. Your nails are sprayed with anti fungal. A cuticle remover is used to soften the cuticle and remove the dead skin. Nails are then filed, shaped and lastly buffed. Your hands are washed to remove any dirt, you want a nice clean nail plate.

Since curing nails with a UV light dries out your natural nails, a vitamin dose is applied. This nutrition rich drop penetrates your nails and provides them with a vitamin boost to keep your nails healthy and strong. 

1. A base coat is added to the center of the nail.

2. After it has dried, the base gel is added as the foundation and cured for 30 seconds.

3. Next, the color gel is applied, very close to the cuticle but not touching the skin.

4. Once again, cure for 30 seconds and then apply the gloss gel and cure for 30 seconds.

5. Apply cuticle oil and you are done!

Bio Gel Nails Removal Process

First off, you need a gel remover. All the other supplies are generic.

1. Begin by breaking the seal of the nails by filing the top coat.

2. Apply cuticle cream to prevent dehydration

3. Pour some gel remover into a bowl and soak the cotton balls.

4. Put the cotton ball on your nail and wrap with aluminum foil.

5. Repeat process for all fingers

6. After 10-15 minutes, take off the aluminum foil and you should notice the gel rising off. Use the orange stick to ease the gel product off.

7. Repeat step 4-6 if it is being stubborn.

You will notice that your nails are looking healthy and clean.?

8. Wash your hands and you're done!

One hour for 3 weeks of a chip and peel resistant manicure? Sign me up. These are perfect for vacations or long trips!?

Bio Gel Nail Sculpting System or Bio Gel Extensions

What you read above was regarding a replacement nail polish for a longer duration. However, bio gel nails may also be sculpted as an alternative to fake or acrylic nails.

These are much softer than regular acrylic nails and lift very easily. Think of them as a thick nail polish! Similarly to the bio gel overlay, these also last up to three weeks.

If you're a mom and want some durable nail extensions without restricting what you can and can not do, I suggest giving these a try. Find your local salon now!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope this gave you enough information regarding Bio Gel Nails. Remember, getting constant manicures really takes a toll on your nails so keep your hands and nails healthy. Use creams, cuticle oils and organic supplements!

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