Photoshop thumbnails vista

photoshop thumbnails vista

photoshop thumbnails vista
Photoshop :: Viewing Thumbnails In Vista
Jul 22, 2008

Is there any current workound to view psd file thumnails in vista. Specifically explorer. I do use bridge,

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Mar 19, 2013

So sick of not being able to view PSD thumbnails, not even from the regular "OPEN FILE" dialog in Photoshop CS6.

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I can see the thumbnails of most pictures in my folders but I can't see my PSD thumbnails. What can I do to change this?

I'm running Windows XP and Photoshop CS2.

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I had to make a new system. and now ..after installing PS CS..I cannot see thumbnails of the files. I normally see them and see thumbnails for JPEG..but not the PSD's with a newer version of PS. I remember reading about this bug..and a reg setting some time ago...anyone know what it takes to fix this..? (my win pro media has ALL updates and is legal..just bought it)

ver 9 PS CS2 -

Do i have to install the old PS 7.0 to see them..?

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I want to be able to look at all the thumbnails of images in a folder which in itself contains several sub-folders, rather than having to go into each subfolder to view the images. Elements 11.

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My Elements 8 has suddenly stopped generating thumbnails in the Catelog Organiser when more than 4 photos are viewed - how do I cure this?

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In Photoshop Elements 8 i want to see the file names under the pictures when viewing thumbnails not just the date. Is this possible?

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I recently had my computer cleaned and found that I lost photo thumbnail previews in JPEG files. Cpt&CDR files are ok..I'm in PhotopaintX4 and Corel support doesn't go back this far.

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Ever since I upgraded to lightroom 4 I can't view my files larger before import. Once I import and they are in lightroom I can but I want to be able to edit them larger to make sure I want to import. Some just come up the same size as thumbnails while other files will say "could not read preview.

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Why would psd thumbnails all of a sudden start not showing up as thumbnails, just as psd icons?

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I produce a simple piece of HTML mailing for my clients to send as an e-mail blast. I typically create these, and they contain graphics and some direct hyperlinks with URL information embedded within a slice. I Export to Web and place the produced files on my FTP, get the link and I send out a blast e-mail. When I test this on my Mac (Mail) the piece looks perfect.
Some of my clients have replied that the output is desheveled. Indeed it does look that way. It looks as there are shifted or missing slices. I started to send out a blast test to all of my personal e-mai accounts, and I did get questionable results through G-mail and my web hosts own client. But the art looks great following the link to the FTP. All of th eembeded links work. I'm sure most of my clients are on Outlook and WIndows, so I don't know how to correct this.

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Microsoft Camera Codec Pack (16.0.0652.0621)

Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Microsoft Camera Codec Pack

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I had to have my hard drive replaced and Photoshop CS3 installed on the new drive. I am having a problem with viewing photos in Photoshop. When I click "Fit Screen" the photo is distorted with the top horizontal ruler being longer than the vertical. I thought that before when I clicked "Fit Screen" the proper and accurate proportion of length to width was maintained on the screen instead of having the entire screen filled.

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I just played around with a new sig and I want to upload and put it in my profile. I save it as a .jpg and then upload. I update my profile and the dreaded box with the red x comes up... Ive spent my entire night trying to see what is wrong and I give up. My previous images Ive done are fine, but not anything I make now. Anyone have an answer as to why I can't view my images online? I have windows XP and I can view them fine through the windows viewer...

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When I open an image I can see it in the navigator pane but it doesn't display in the main pane where I can edit it.

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I have built up quite a collection of brushes over the years, and I was wondering if theres any way of viewing them without loading each one into Photoshop looking at them then having to delete them if they arn't the ones I want

(I allready have loads loaded which are a pain to scroll through looking for the right one)

Is there a brush viewer or something around?

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I have to bring a project from Photoshop to school to present.
- you can NOT nstall fonts, brushes, etc. on the school computers
- I have used custom brushes and fonts that do not come with Photoshop
- project need to be a .psd
So what would be the best way to view/transfer the project to the school computer?

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Other than the Adobe Photoshop apps what is the best Android App for viewing .psd files?  All the Adobe ones lock you into using the Creative Cloud which I don't want to use as I have my files on Google Drive.

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How do you view Photoshop CS6 13.0.4 in low resolution on a macbook pro retina display? I have tried opening CS6 in applications > get info> under general there is no option to open in low resolution as there is in Lightroom.

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Is there anything that would allow styles to be viewed without actually loading them in Photoshop?

I have a large collection and would like to find some way to look at them without loading them and then deleting them when they're not the ones I want.

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I created a Web Photo Gallery in CS3 and uploaded it to my website via Dreamweaver. It will not display in IE6,

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Just got a new vista home computer 64 bit.
With my old 32 bit vista I could view raw and tiff files in windows file explorer. With my new box, I cannot view them.

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I just changed my monitor on an IBM thinkpad running Windows 2000 pro (corporate built) I have CS2. There used to be an error popping out about my profile and analog/digital question.

Unfortunately I clicked on ok and the error message is gone but the colors on my screen are all weird, such as white showing as a ligh beige. Is there such a thing as a Photoshop CS2 profile that can be modified to fix this? Please let me know if you have any ideas.

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a way to make Photoshop (CS3) use "Resample" when displaying images on a zoom level less then 100%. In the default setting all pictures have jagged lines and aliasing effects which is quite annoying. I guess in a software like that, there should be a feature like this... But nothing seems to be documented.

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I downloaded a 90 page Owners Manual to PSE 9. How do I go from one page to the next without having to close PSE 9 and re-open it to view a different page?

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I want to make some graphics that will be viewed on the web. I understand that lower resolution displays will display graphics larger than higher resolution displays. My question is with regards to how the graphics will be displayed on a Retina display that has 326 pixels per inch. My understanding has always been that you design graphics based on 72ppi for web.
1. If I wanted to create graphics knowing that all of my users would have Retina displays, would I setup my .PSD files at 326ppi?
2. Will graphics and websites designed at 72ppi appear really small on a Retina display?.

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I normally shoot with my Nikon D3, But I recently borrowed a Canon. When viewing my Nikon Raw images in Bridge, I am able to see the Images. But when I try to view the Canon Raw Images, all I see are Icons. Is there a setting that allows me to see the Cannon Raw Images?
I am using Windows 2000.

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I can't see adjusted Camera Raw files on my iPad after syncing with iTunes.

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Where in CS6 is the "button" for simultaneously viewing multiple open images?  There was one in CS5.

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What's happened to the key command for viewing at 100%? It has always been Option/Command/0 and that doesn't work any more with this latest update. The Menu symbol is now a lower case n (which doesn't work) and the only way to view at 100% is to go through the menu. It's slowing me up badly when editing?

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I have this PNG file, when I view the image online or using the Windows default photo viewer, it looks perfect. I put it in CS4 and it looks jagged and terrible.

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PhotoShop thumbnails in Windows VISTA
I'm thinking the following fix was for
WinXP but it should work in Vista also.

Display PSD Thumbnails

Here's another version:

Adobe Photoshop CS .PSD Thumbnail
Viewing Fix for Windows

If you decide to try one or both...let
us know the result.

Good luck.

John Inzer
MS Picture It! -
Digital Image MVP

Digital Image
Highlights and FAQs

This is not tech support
I am a volunteer

Solutions that work for
me may not work for you

Proceed at your own risk

John, I downloaded and installed the below fix and it worked perfectly.

PhotoShop thumbnails in Windows VISTA

Shabacca said:

Thumbnails of PhotoShop folders appear as PhotoShop icons. How do I
set these folders so they will display the thumbnail of the picture?


Click to expand...

I'm thinking the following fix was for
WinXP but it should work in Vista also.

Display PSD Thumbnails

Here's another version:

Adobe Photoshop CS .PSD Thumbnail
Viewing Fix for Windows

If you decide to try one or both...let
us know the result.

Good luck.

John Inzer
MS Picture It! -
Digital Image MVP

Digital Image
Highlights and FAQs

This is not tech support
I am a volunteer

Solutions that work for
me may not work for you

Proceed at your own risk

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