Best nails woodbridge nj

best nails woodbridge nj

best nails woodbridge nj
Galaxy l Nail Salon - Woodbridge, NJ


53 Main St
Ste 2
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
(732) 602-1011

I really enjoyed the service. I was seated right away. The place is clean and the tools are properly sanitized. Gel manicure $25 and regular pedicure $20. The pedicure was heaven as the heels were given extra attention to and I loved it! May did my pedicure and Kim did my gel.

The layout of this salon is unusual. There's commonly some type of desk or reception area where you're greeted and asked about the services you would like, this salon has their set up in the rear. There's no clear indication of where to go or who to talk to so I sat in the waiting area. About 3-5mins pass and a woman from the back of the salon yells "NAME?!" Unsure if she was speaking to me, I get up and walk towards her to keep from yelling at someone 25ft away...I responded letting her know this was my first time I have no appointment. She seemed disappointed and told me to "just wait". Feeling super awkward, standing in the middle of the floor, I wait for direction which wasn't given until I began to walk away to find a seat. The nail tech who did my pedicure was friendly, spoke VERY LITTLE, but efficient. She did a great job on my pedicure which is why I gave the 3 stars. Once my nails were dried I was all set to leave but again, no clear indication of where I should go to pay. I assume the back of the salon where the lady who yelled was seated however I asked her do I pay with you and without looking up or giving any clear sign that she heard me, she calls over the nail tech who did my pedicure to take the payment. I'm not going back. The atmosphere was very strange. The customer service aspect needs work. Tremendously.

I had a good experience here on a first-time visit. I called around 3pm to set up a 5.30pm same-day appointment. They were really accommodating, even when I called back to say I'd be there at 6pm. May did my nails - regular pedicure and gel manicure. for the manicure, another woman removed the existing gel polish, filed my nails to prep for polish etc. I asked her to clean up the cuticles a bit more than she initially did. She also could have shaped them better; however, they turned out fine. May took her time with the polish. Normally, I get three coats, but she and the owner suggested that I only get two. We shall see. As for the pedicure, May gave me life! The leg massage was just what I needed. I hadn't realized my calfs were tender and needed some attention. I also got a leg and foot scrub, which was nice, and what I belive was a paraffin treatment for my heels. Oh, I LOVE that they have a lot of colors to choose from, and brand name! Also, the foot tub liners and hand sleeves to protect hands from UV gel were a nice touch. The place is somewhat out of my way, but I will return.

Update: this place has gone downhill. The owner is not as nice and accommodating as she used to be. She's very rude to the ladies that work for her. I was not impressed with the treatment of the main people that bring the clients in. I feel bad for the girls, because they work hard and do an excellent job. They are the only reason for the 2 star rating.

Clean salon. Takes appointments and walk ins. Park in the back behind the salon. Dip powder mani is $35. My technician, Young, was very sweet in helping me choose a color for my birthday. She manicured and shaped my nails very well and even added an extension to one nail that had broken that morning. Gave them four stars because of the amount of dip powder options, but they can accommodate your standard, trendy colors and glitters. They have a huge variety of colors if you ant a gel mani. Will definitely be back

I use to come here almost every week to get a pedicure. Amazing job always. This time my mother made appointments for me herself and my sister all pedicures at the same time because we are all in a wedding am getting married in 3 days. my mother made them for two weeks in advance. When we came into the nail salon we were not greeted in a friendly way. When my mother told her we had appointments. She told my mother no u don't and got nasty to her. They took us anyway and made us feel very uncomfortable by huffing and puffing keep in mind this is the nail tech giving us this tude not the owner... I know the owner and she is very nice and would be very upset to know how this women is running her business when she is not around Even as we sit down to relax she is still fighten with my mother saying we are wrong as I'm getting my nails done the women doing them did not clean them did not cut them and gunked up the Polish...I had to stop . I told the women who was giving us an tude cause ovi she was in charge. She then told me that she don't have time for me and I said listen I'm getting married in 3 days I can not have my feet like this and it needs to be fixed.. the hole time another women was fixing my feet. she was talking tash to her about me while I was getting my feet done .. I am very upset and embarrassed. If I could of put zero Stars I would have if u wanna be treated horrible and talked down to this is the place for you.... Very unprofessional and rude never agin will I come to this place ...

3 stars because i love the massages but need to improve on their polish job and customer service before I start let me say: I love their service but this is the only place that I go to and my nails don't fully dry till the next day! And if I get gel, it would be double the price! now I have to remove all the polish and re do them myself (every time I get pedicure, the polish is always like this!) so today would be my third time going to this place for my pedicure, I found out about this place through yelp and google (I'm very picky and like to make sure, therefore I looked at google reviews and yelp reviews) first time going there, I got my gel acrylic filling with Michelle plus pedicure. Michelle recommended one of her worker name "May or Mae" (I don't know how to spell her name) and let me tell you, she's good (literally the only thing that I don't like is her massage, that's it) I say this because when I went there the second time, i got this girl, and I totally forgot her name, but she told me she was only been there for 6 months so far. And omg, I love her work! She was amazing, her massage was on point and I very enjoyed it! Now onto this appointment, I called yesterday to make an appoint for my mom and I (since I loved my last experience, I decided to bring my mom to treat her) when I made the appointment, Michelle was off so I talked to the other korean lady, I told her I want to make 2 appoint for pedicure and I asked for Carmen and the other lady that did my last pedicure (the one that I forgot the name) but that korean lady don't know anything she say, so she told me to pick on the day off. Today I called early to make sure I get the right people because I know this place do get booked. Long story short, when Michelle answered the phone she was still confused about the other lady that I wanted and strictly told her I don't want May to do my pedicure. Once I got there, I already feel some bad vibe in the air. Michelle came to me and try to ask quietly why I don't like May, and since May was there I didn't want to be rude and I said no, it's not a big deal (because honestly, it's not!) and later on, May talked to Camren and ask her if I'm the girl that didn't like her (while point to me) and May started talking in attitude saying "well okay the if she don't like me I'm not gonna do hers! I don't even remember doing her feet!" And I told her, "I don't know why you are angry, as a customer, I have the right to choose who I want to do my pedicure with." And when michelle looked at her, she started being nice and told Michelle to look at my feet, and that she don't remember doing that. And I told michelle, the very first time I came to that salon, Michelle did my nails and Michelle recommended May to me. When I sat down to do my pedicure, May was still complaining and told me me, "I don't remember doing your pedicure." Later on, Michelle told her to stop talking because michelle remembered that she recommended May to me and Michelle always recommended May to everyone. And, thanks to instastory archive I was able to pull the boomerang that I took when May did my pedicure. (I didn't get her face, dude to privacy. I never really record people's face without their consent) but her watch was there, her necklace was the name and her little headphone that she wrapped around her neck. Plus, the body and outfit is similar, she always wear leggings and a top

Adequate nail job - meets expectations. I have taken one star off as I have been to nail salons which offer foot/shoulder massage even with regular main/pedi. I'd like to reserve that star for them.

i went to this place for a mani/pedi because i saw it had decent reviews but from the moment i stepped into that place to the second i left it was nothing but terrible customer service, every one of them had a really bad attitude!! they asked me to pay/tip before they did my nails, and when they did my nails they completely half assed it. only painted them one time so the light color i picked barely showed. didn't cut my cuticles, didn't clean my nails N O T H I N G. i was so shocked, i have never experienced such bad customer service in my life. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

I read reviews about this place and decided to try it. Enjoyed my pedicure but my gel manicure by Michelle was the best ever. She is very friendly, gently and does a awesome job with your nails. Finally, I have found a place to do my nails the way I like. Thanks Michelle

Got a gel mani ($25) and regular pedi ($20). I showed up at 9AM on the dot Saturday morning. I know it should be a given, but I was first of all happy they were indeed open-- you'd be surprised how many small business don't honor their own hours and how many times I've walked away from other places frustrated. Several people were already there before me (wow). I didn't make an appointment and I should have for saturday-- now I know! I was lucky they took me because a few customers later, the owners had to start turning people away. Pedicure: I had a strange experience with the pedi as the girl who was doing mine was new & training. She kept messing up. After she finally finished the pedicure which was just OK, the owner came over to examine her work. The owner was dissatisfied and redid the pedi herself. So I was happy to find that the owner is a perfectionist and doesn't want anyone walking out her door with less than impressive work. Gel Mani: Done by the owner. It has officially been 21 DAYS SINCE MY GEL MANI AND IT IS STILL 100% ON. Whaaaatttt... See my picture. It's totally grown out now but I'm just so impressed. Usually by the first week, the edges of the gel manicures will lift and hair gets caught under them in the shower (ladies you knooow). BUT IT'S STILL PERFECT. 21 DAYS!?!? Not even the edges have lifted!? I've found my place. Perfectionist owner, good prices, sanitary, timely, etc etc etc...

FIRST TIME someone knows how to do my nails since my nail bed is very wide and thick but she made it sooo narrow and nice just what i expected im in love never going to anyone else again she is worth it im in love!!!!!

Pedicure includes hot stones and that wax stuff on your heels. They are quick but also do a good job. A little should massage while you dry. Pretty good for a reasonable price. Place was busy on Saturday but they moved people along.

Very affordable pricing. The pedicure was long and thorough and I loved the stones and wax and long massage. I've had the powder dip there too which was done well but she still used the UV light which was counterproductive since that's why I wanted the powder dip because you don't need the UV.

Clean and very friendly. Extremely detail oriented. I got a gel manicure and a pedicure- will definitely be back.

This place can't seem to get the appointment system right. They might as well call this place a 24hr wall in service. Even if an appointment is made 2wks in advance- when u get to the place they claim you never made the appointment. This place has no respect for your time. They're all about the money. Quality has been dwindling down as well. Workers are overworked. They have no investment for quality. I will not be back.

Got the mani pedi literally 5 hrs ago. It was good but gel manicure is suppose to last at the very least a week.. mine already chipped =( I'm disappointed but im hoping they can re do it free of charge. Tomorrow is sunday so they are closed.. so I have to wait next week to give them a call. Update - today is Monday (two days after) - another nail peeled off (thumb). Really sad as i loved the place but unfortunately the quality is not good. Im not gonna bother calling them for a re do. Its not worth the time.

I feel like it's time to write a review about this place since I love it so much. It's right on Main St. and the workers here are lovely people. The salon is clean, I watch them change and clean things continuously. I got a gel manicure ($25) twice here and they're so meticulous- making sure it's perfect from the cuticles to applying the polish. The pedicure ($20) is probably the best, um.. paraffin wax heel treatment and hot stone massage? UH YES! However, I had to take away a star because the fan dryer for the pedicure wasn't working on or working properly so when I put on my shoes after it smudge. The first time the pedicure was perfect.

Michelle is the best nail tech ever! I got pink and white dip powder coffin-shaped tips. She took her tip and made sure it was everything I wanted. She was very patient with me and customized the nails to my requests. She did it all laughing and smiling. It was my first time here and definitely won't be my last !

Horrible manicure. Probably the worst I've ever gotten seemed like the woman who did it was in a rush. Definitely would not recommend this place. Looked like a 5 year old did my manicure.

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On Weds., Sept. 11, 2019, the Office of the Mayor, the Municipal Council, the Woodbridge Interfaith Clergy Council and representatives from the Woodbridge Township First Response community will host: “A Township Remembers:An Interfaith Memorial Service.” Read on... Best Nails Woodbridge
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Best Nails Woodbridge
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