Acrylic nails products needed

What Do You Need for Acrylic Nails? DIY At Home Guide

Who doesnt love the look of a fabulous set of nails? On the other hand, who really has the time and money to pay for fills every two weeks? There is another way: Doing your own acrylic nails is not as difficult as you might think. What do you need for beautiful do it yourself acrylic nails? Well, one thing is for certain, you must start with good, quality tools and theyre actually not too difficult to find. Just be sure to clear an easy to clean, well-ventilatedspot in your home and follow these simple instructions. You should be good as gold, and rocking a fabulous set of durable, shiny, acrylic nails!

First things first, what do you need for DIY acrylic nails?

You will need the following equipment and liquids to enable you to fit your own acrylic nails:

Cuticle pusher

Cuticle remover

Nail file

Buffing block

Nail prep/dehydrator

Acrylic nail brush

Dappen dish

Acid-free nail primer

Acrylic liquid

Acrylic powder

Lint-free wipes or Clean fluffy old makeup brush

Top coat

Optionally you may also need:

-Nail glue

-Nail Tips

-Cuticle oil

-Pure acetone

-Manicure brush

What do you need to do to put on acrylic nails?

Preparation of the nail bed

First, you need to prepare the nails. Preparing the nails before applying acrylics is essential to avoid lifting and to ensure that your manicure will last as long as possible.

Before you begin working on your nails take the time to ensure that your nails and tools are cleaned/sanitized. This will guarantee that you are not spreading bacteria and keeping your nail kit items in tip-top shape, helping them to last longer.

Make sure that your nails are dry before continuing.

Now that everything is clean, it is time to start working on your nails.

Use the cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles. Remember, we want the acrylic to stick to our nails and not our skin. Keeping the nails off of the skin will also prevent lifting. Shape your natural nails to desired length and shape. If you are using tips, you may want to skip this step but we recommend shaping and trimming your nails even if using tips. You then need to buff the nail using the buffing block to remove all shine from the nail. This will improve the adhesion of the acrylic nail. Remove all dust from the surface using a lint-free cloth or clean fluffy old makeup brush.

Choose the correct size tip for each nail. Be careful to not pick a size that is too large or too small.TIP: You should not have to push down to make the tip fit, nor should the tip pass the side walls of the nail. If the tip fits incorrectly, it can cause lifting and can also cause your manicure to look strange. Look at the tip on both sides of the nail to ensure that it fits correctly. Apply the nail tips onto each nail toward the end of your natural nail with nail glue. Leave enough room for it to still be secure but do not place it in the middle of your nail. The goal is to have the most acrylic on your natural nail bed as possible to create a strong foundation to lock the tip in place.TIP: When applying the tip, use medium pressure. Applying too much pressure may cause the tip to dry curving downward and give you an unnatural, undesired appearance. Cut and shape the tips to your desired length. Buff the edge where the tip meets your natural nail so it is as flat as possible. This will create a seamless appearance and help prevent lifting or breaking. Buff the nail tip to remove any shine. This allows the acrylic to bond better.Follow the rest of the steps accordingly, as if your tips are your natural nail. You can then apply the nail prep/dehydrator to the whole of the nail. Wait a few seconds to let it take effect. The final stage of preparing the nail for the acrylic is to apply the acid-free nail primer to the entire nail. This is to make it take the acrylic liquid and hold the nail as strongly as it can.

Applying the Acrylic

Pour your acrylic liquid into the dappen dish and then dip the acrylic brush into the dish. Push it down to get rid of all air bubbles. Take the brush tip out and remove the excess acrylic liquid on the edge. Dip the brush into the acrylic powder and drawing it toward you to create a bead of acrylic. If the brush is too wet or dry, the acrylic powder will not create the right consistency.Arent happy with the type of bead you created? No problem, just repeat steps 1 and 2 again. Using the brush, place the bead of acrylic near the cuticle Keep your nail facing down and use gravity to your advantage. Feather the small bit of acrylic out over your nail, being cautious to not get any onto your skin as you sculpt the acrylic.
Use the body of the brush to pull the bead down to the tip of the nail, creating a smooth surface. Applying the acrylic in this method cuts down on filing. Keep the brush clean by regularly dipping into the acrylic liquid. If necessary, repeat steps 2-4 again until you are happy with the appearance of the nail, but one bead should be able to cover your nail. Wait around two minutes for the acrylic to dry and then tap the nail to see if it is dry. It will sound hollow if it hasnt dried. It will ting when it has dried completely. File the nail until it is smooth.TIP: The finer the grade of the nail file the higher the number, so a 220/220 nail file is smoother than a 100/100 nail file. Now is the time to start with your polish or nail art. If you just want to leave your nails the color of the acrylic powder, apply a non-wipe top coat and your nails are set.

Havent mastered the single acrylic bead technique yet? Check out this video to perfect your powder to liquid ratio.

Bonus: When you are done, add cuticle oil to your cuticles to keep them moisturized. We also recommend using a moisturizing anti-ageing hand cream, so your hands can look as good as your nails. Our favorite is Abinoids ultra-moisturizing Hemp Hand Cream.

How to Choose the Best Acrylic Nail Kit for You

Now that you know how to apply acrylic nails at home, it is time to get the supplies you need. It is almost always cheaper to buy all of your tools in a kit form, but not all acrylic nail kits are created equal. Here are our tips for choosing the best kit for your needs.

Components of the Kit

Look at what is included in the kit and make sure that it has what you will need. This should include the basics such as the acrylic powder, acrylic liquid, at least one nail brush, nail files, and buffing blocks.

Then consider other extras that you will want. Are you considering playing around with nail art? You may want to consider a kit that comes with other accessories such as nail stickers, rhinestones, and practice fingers to fine-tune your art skills. If you only want to do basic acrylic nails, you will not need a kit with all of these bells and whistles. So, dont waste your money on large kits that come with a lot of extras you will never use.

How Are You Using Your Kit?

This is something to think about before buying your acrylic nail kit, especially when considering the amount of product that is included.

Will you only be using this nail kit for yourself? Are other people in your household using this? Keep that in mind when looking at the amount of the basics, such as powder, liquid, and tips that are included in the tip. Or is it going to be for a professional shop or nail service?

If you are doing nails professionally, you are no longer just practising or perfecting your craft. This will also change the types of products you are using, as you will want to make sure your clients have the high-quality nails so they continue to come back.

Quality of Products Included in the Kit

One of the most important things when choosing the acrylic nail kit that will work best for you is making sure it is filled with quality products. Make sure that the reviews are good.

A question to answer when searching reviews is: the acrylic is applied correctly, does the kit meet last the standard two weeks?

Another quality to look for is to ensure that it is not made with MMA. Methyl methacrylate, or MMA, is often for medical purposes by dentists and orthopaedic surgeons. It can be found in bone cement and joint replacements but can also be found in plexiglass. Many years ago you could find this used in nail salons throughout the country until the FDA banned the use of MMA in nail products in 1974. When hardened MMA is not dangerous; but when it is inhaled or comes in contact with the skin in liquid form it can cause adverse side effects. Some side effects include lightheadedness, tightness in the chest, tingling, and burning. MMA should never be used in any product that comes in direct contact with your nails.

What is Your Skill Level?

Those that are just starting out will want a kit that is made for beginners. These types of kits make it easy to practice and do not overwhelm you with too many tools. They also will usually come with most of the basics, if not all, that you need. If you are an expert, you may want more or less in your kit. You may want more to play around with and expand your skills, or you want less because you already have a lot of the tools and you dont need the extra frills.

Price Point

Whether you are on a budget or want to invest in a high-quality nail kit, there are plenty of options at both ends of the spectrum. The best news is, that either way you go, buying all of your tools in a kit is almost always cheaper than purchasing supplies separately. If using the kit for personal use, you also end up saving money by doing your nails at home, instead of going to a salon.

Best Acrylic Nail Kits

These are five of our top picks for the best acrylic nail kits.

Sassi Professional Acrylic Nail Kit

Sassi Professional Acrylic Nail Kit

Sassi Professional Acrylic Nail Kit (Click to See the Latest Price on Amazon)

This is an acrylic nail kit from Sassi that is great for beginners. It comes with everything that you need to achieve a beautiful acrylic manicure. This includes the acrylic powder, top coat, acrylic liquid, top coat, brush cleaner, emery boards, and more. It is great for those that want to try doing acrylics at home for the first time. The only downside is that the instructions included in the kit are unclear. Thank goodness you have this blog post!

Coscelia Acrylic Powder Glitter Nail Art Kit

Coscelia Acrylic Powder Glitter Nail Art Kit

Coscelia Acrylic Powder Glitter Nail Art Kit (Click to See the Latest Price on Amazon)

Looking for a ton of bells and whistles? Well, this kit has them. Coscelia has the basics with a ton of extras that include a finger to practise your nail art on so you dont have to risk damaging your natural nails. There are also 12 different colors of glitter included, rhinestones, and many different nail tip sizes to choose from. This kit does not come with acrylic liquid, primer, dehydrator, topcoat, or nail glue though. So, this kit might be best suited for someone who already has those supplies or to be combined with a more basic kit that does not have any extras.

Fashion zone Nail Art Kit

Fashion zone nail kit

Nail art is one of the most fun and creative parts about acrylic nails. The Fashion Zone Nail Art Kit. It includes a 36W LED UV lamp Pro, UV Gel Lamp Dryer, Nail Art, Acrylic Powder, and French Tips. This would be a great kit to really let your creativity flow.

Mia Acrylic Nail Kit

Mia Acrylic Nail Kit

Mia Acrylic Nail Kit (Click to See the Latest Price on Amazon)

The Mia Acrylic Nail Kit is a very simple and basic kit but we think it is perfect because it is filled with the essentials. In this kit, you get the acrylic liquid and powder, nail glue, a quick drying top coat, 20 nail tips, a primer, a nail brush, an emery board, and a buffing block. Everything that you need to get you started. You also cant argue with the low price!

Editors Choice: Kiss Complete Salon Acrylic Kit

Kiss Complete Salon Acrylic Kit

Kiss Complete Salon Acrylic Kit (Click to See the Latest Price on Amazon)

Honestly, this one was a surprise. Kiss is known for great fake nails and great nail glue, but who knew they also made a great acrylic nail kit? The first thing that is great, is that it comes in a convenient storage case to keep everything organized. The Kiss Complete Salon Acrylic Kit also comes with everything that you need, including white tips for a French manicure, natural tips, primer, acrylic liquid, acrylic powder, acrylic brush, and nail glue. This makes it simple to do a personal manicure at home. The nail tips are also thin but sturdy, so they blend easily but last. This is a great all in one kit and we would then choose to purchase our nail art supplies separately.

Summing Up

Giving yourself an acrylic manicure at home is much easier than you may have thought. Just follow the steps and tips above and you will be rocking picture-perfect claws. You now have all of the steps for prepping your nails and applying the acrylic like a pro. So, go confidently and work your gorgeous nails!

It is so simple to get all of the tools you need to get Instagram ready nails. All of your supplies are just one click away.

Let us know how it works out below, even show us some pictures. Or do you have another favorite at home manicure? Keep us in the know.

acrylic nails products needed
Best Acrylic Nails 2019 - Top 10 Acrylic Nails and Accessories | WHN

A Closer Look at the Best Selling Acrylic Nails & Accessories

As a replacement for glass, acrylics been around for years, but its now increasingly popular as a nail extender. Allowing even the worst nail-chewers amongst us to have the most glamorously elegant nails. Whether you want long, short, or inbetween, acrylics are offered at many professional nail salons and are easily doable for the DIY mani.

What Sets Acrylic Nails Apart?

Acrylic nails are artificial nails that are applied on top of your natural nails. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from classic coffin nail shapes to stylish stiletto nails. Tough and durable, they are perfect if you have weak nails that break easily or you have a tendency to bite your nails. They are available in standard and long sizes, being trimmed and shaped to suit your preference. Acrylic nails can make a real difference to your hands, and youll feel proud to show them off.

You can enhance your nails with gorgeous, glossy colors, apply crystals or other types of diamond nail charms the only limit is your imagination.

Ive tested the top acrylic nails and acrylic nail accessories of August, 2019:

What Makes It Great

These BeYou nails feel extremely durable and a good thickness. Being long, theres plenty of scope for shaping and filing.

I had great fun with these. They are so easy to fit and stick, even with minor prepping of my natural nails. Filing is simple, with just a tiny bit of shaping necessary. The nail polish went on so smoothly, and once a top coat was dry, they looked absolutely amazing! They stayed in place for well over two weeks, too.

Where It Could Be Improved

These acrylics are great for a quick fix up or for beginners. However, they are a little on the flimsy side, which means that they wont last as long as more expensive alternates. Still for good acrylics on a bargain, you cant go wrong.

9.0Expert Score

These are really great acrylic nails easily filed and stuck, and they stayed on for nearly three weeks. Perfect for a quick and easy home manicure.

BeYou Clear Stiletto 500pcs Artificial Fake Nail Tips 10 Sizes 27512 for Nail Salons

What Makes It Great

This little bottle of magic is necessary in order to glue your acrylic nails on to your natural nails.
The nozzle is nicely shaped to deliver an accurate line of glue not too much and not too little along your nail.

Where It Could Be Improved

The only drawback is that this nail glue has a strong smell to it, but as long as you work in an airy space, you will hardly notice.

9.9Expert Score

This nail glue is perfect for acrylics and definitely one for the nail kit.

Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue

Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue

  • Sets in seconds
  • Instantly bonds artificial and natural nails with superior holding power
  • 3 gram clear glue
Free shipping

Last update was on: August 13, 2019 4:14 pm

in stock

What Makes It Great

Shipping ahead of time, these coffin shape nails from ECBasket feel like they should stay in place nicely and be durable enough to withstand the rigors of day to day life.

These beautifully shaped nails coped well with being trimmed, filed and even having a piercing without splitting. I thought Id also try out a bit of bling and the whole thing stayed firmly attached to my natural nail.

Where It Could Be Improved

Shaping these acrylics to fit the smallest nails takes a little practice, but with a little patience, youll soon get the hang of it.

9.7Expert Score

A really good set of acrylic nails, cheap enough to be used daily, but tough and durable to last several weeks.

ECBASKET Clear Nail Tips Stiletto Nails Full Cover Fake Nails Long Artificial Press On Nails For Women Girls Men Boys...

What Makes It Great

This super strong glue works exceptionally well, although you do have to brush it on a little thicker than you might expect; for that reason, I wish the bottle were larger. It still works with a lesser amount, but the bond is not as strong.

Once Id realized that, my acrylic nails remained stuck for over two weeks. It was equally reliable with crystal nail decorations keeping them in place for the same.

Where It Could Be Improved

A little goes a long way with this super nail glue so I recommend to use it sparingly.

8.9Expert Score

Im super happy with this glue it goes on smoothly, forms a really strong bond and is removed easily with acetone.

Ibd 5 Second Brush On Nail Glue 54006 / Treatments by IBD

What Makes It Great

Arriving ahead of schedule, this hard wearing box filled with acrylic nails is great to store them in; theres also room for some other bits and pieces of your nail art kit. The nails feel strong, but with a useful amount of flex to prevent them from snapping.

These Aoraem nails are great. I filed and shaped them to within an inch of their lives and they didnt crack, split, or bend. The color just slides on so smoothly, and forms a very glossy sheen, and they looked good for almost three weeks until one pinged off.

Where It Could Be Improved

These acrylics are quite long so if thats the style youre looking for, youll love them! If you like your nails shorter, then you may need to clip them.

9.3Expert Score

Tough, but nicely shaped, nails that arrived in a useful storage case, I really recommend these.

AORAEM 500pcs Lady French Acrylic Style Artificial False Nails Half Tips & Box (Natural)

$7.95 $7.99

What Makes It Great

These short coffin acrylics feel very strong and have a lovely finish even without the polish. They are excellent quality and fit well without too much shaping. The long set need to be filed down quite a bit, but I knew that would be the case. But even when they were still unfiled, they took being pierced with no complaints, holding the ring really nicely.

Where It Could Be Improved

Dont be put off by the description! These acrylics are described as short but they actually are long enough to suit most tastes.

9.2Expert Score

These nails by BTArtbox-Boutique are great. They put up with me filing, shaping and even piercing and didnt split, crack or break. As a result, Im happy to recommend these.

False Nails Fake Nails Short Coffin Nail Tips 600PCS Artificial Nails BTArtbox Short Ballerina Nails Full Cover Acrylic Nails Natural...

What Makes It Great

Every acrylic nail tech needs a good quality nail drill in their nail kit and this electric nail drill set is a great option. It arrived very well packaged with simple to follow instructions, and a whole box of products to get me started. I love this already.

Within seconds I was ready to file, engrave or anything else. Subay have thought of everything I could possibly require and popped it in the box. This file isnt loud at all and the vibrations are tiny, so as a result, it didnt feel like the nail was under any stress or pressure.

This is a great file for a novice, but equally good in a professional salon, and its so versatile.

Where It Could Be Improved

This set is ideal for beginners and at home use. If youre a professional technician, I would recommend investing getting high grade equipment instead.

9.6Expert Score

This is an good quality and affordable electric nail drill set that's essential for anyone who applies acrylics on a regular basis.

11 in 1 Electric Nail Drill Set,Professional Portable Handpiece File Grinder Manicure Pedicure Tools With Nail Polish Clippers Kit &...

$14.99 $29.99

What Makes It Great

This is mix-your-own-acrylic-nails territory and its surprisingly easy, with a huge number of videos to watch giving ideas and detailed instructions. The great thing about acrylic nail powder is that you can create any nail designs you wish only your imagination is the limit. For example, you could make pumpkin-like ridges for Halloween, or if youre an animal lover, mould little paw prints in 3D across your nails

Where It Could Be Improved

These fun powders are surprisingly easy to use and give a beautiful finish. Its true that powders can get a little messy, so make sure that youve prepared your workspace ahead of time.

9.4Expert Score

This acrylic powder is super fun and easy making your nails into your own storyboard. A great buy for nail lovers.

Mia Secret 3D FRENCH WHITE Powder PLUS 4 OZ Acrylic Nail Professional SYSTEM SET

What Makes It Great

If youre looking for quick and easy french manicure acrylics for toenails, this is the product for you. Offering a quality feel and a flexible fit, these artificial nails should sit comfortably on almost any sized nails.

With these acrylic nails, I can file, shape and paint them in any way I chose. I can even embellish them with the little sparkles that worked so well on my fingernails. The glue that was included kept them in place for nearly two weeks, so I am more than happy with that.

Where It Could Be Improved

My only issue was that there wasnt a nail small enough for my outside toes which are tiny. I had to file away almost to nothing one of the other ones, so I may not bother with that nail next time.

8.8Expert Score

A well-stocked acrylic style pedicure kit enabling you to create perfectly shaped, beautiful toenails.

Kiss Products Everlasting French Toenail Limitless Kit, 0.07 Pound

$5.69 $6.49

What Makes It Great

These useful additions to any nail kit arrived on time. They feel well made and able to withstand being used repeatedly.

These are a super idea. Gone are the days of sitting with your fingers in a bowl of acetone; these just clip neatly onto each finger or toe and theres no risk of getting chemicals everywhere. Everything is contained within the little plastic finger clip.

After a minute or two, unclip, wipe over your nail and the polish, glue, gel, or whatever has been removed. So simple.

Where It Could Be Improved

I love using these caps to soak off my acrylic nail art but theyre not perfect, so you may need to do some manual top up to get the last bits.

9.3Expert Score

Honestly, I love the idea. No mess, no spills, no waiting for ages. These work really quickly and are so effective, perfect for when you need to remove your acrylics quickly and safely.

eBoot Acrylic Nail Art Soak Off Clips Caps UV Gel Nail Polish Remover Wrap Tool, 20 Pieces (Pink and Rose...

What else is trending?

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acrylic nails products needed

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