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Our Stylists Provide Consultations

Baby Sole

Restores your soles to a healthy condition. Dissolves dead, unwanted skin with natural, more ?

Havenly Deluxe Spa

We have Havenly Deluxe spa,treatment with cooling gel, hydro-mask,sea salt...all high quality products plus hot more ?

Relaxing Gardens

You will experience the most relaxing massages and Spa in the state of art facilities. more ?

Beauty Trust and Experience

You will treated with the highest standards of patients care, longest experience jobs, biggest quality products, we are licensed.


What They Say About Us

Katle L

I got a gel nail manicure a week and a half ago. For the money spent, I feel like it should be better quality.


It was my first time getting my nail done at Creations Nail & Spa a couple of weeks ago and I loved it.

Lynn L.

Creations Nails & Spa is my favorite salon in the Bay Area. Going on a Sunday means free metered parking nearby.

Melanie Gibson - Duncan

Mylee and Staff always friendly & helpful. Very talented artists.

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Dave, London, UK

Hallo, Ich bin Dave aus England. Errektionen sind zu einem Problem fur mich geworden, seitdem ich zugenommen habe und seit Jahren nicht abnehmen kann. Ich wollte nicht aufgeben. ...

David Rochester, Oxford, England

Hi, ich freue mich sehr, Ihnen mitzuteilen, dass meine Bestellung gestern angekommen ist. Vielen Dank fur Ihre Hilfe. Mit freundlichen Gru?en.

My Nail CreationsMy Nail Creations

Hello, my name is Jackie Carrizales. I graduated from International Beauty Academy in 1999 with my manicurist license. I continue to keep up to date with the latest techniques and have my E-File Certification. I am excelled in Creative Nail Design (CND) "Solar" Acrylics, Colored Acrylics, Glitter Acrylics, Hard Gel, Manicures and Pedicures. I have recently extended my knowledge and now include Gel polish for hands and feet. I offer Gift Certificates and a multiple Gift Certificate discount. With the working woman in mind, I can offer evening appointments but you can catch me anytime by calling or texting. If you have had a long and stressful day, come in and be pampered, you won't regret you did! 

Ideal for holiday gifts, birthdays, anniversaries as well as employees. Gift certificates can be obtained by visiting or by calling me at         (303) 356-5047. Gift certificates are non-refundable and expire one year from date of purchase. I am not responsible for lost or expired gift certificates. Gift certificates must be presented when services are rendered.

I’ve often seen articles about things your server wants you to know or hair stylist wish they could tell you. Well, as another type of service industry professional, I have some hints to make your salon visit significantly less confusing for you, give you realistic expectations, and help you to not annoy the hell out of your Nail Tech!

1. "If you don't want to have problems with your nails, you need to get them done regularly."
2 weeks is the average time between rebases. The longer you wait the more likely you will have lifting and breakage. The more time it takes to do your repairs, the more money it will cost you in the long run.

2. I’m not a magician, but I have found the best of the best products.
Please don’t come in and expect your feet to be callus free or fungus to disappear. It takes many pedicures to soften calluses and get those feet looking perfect for summer. You should start getting pedicures for the summer in April. But getting a pedicure once a month to maintain your calluses will keep your feet at their best throughout the year. Fungus on the other hand can only be treated by a Dr. So please get checked out before you make an appointment if you suspect anything.

3. Why my products are better than a chop shop.
Have you ever wondered why my prices are 60% more? It's because I use better products that are safer to use. For more in depth information, please visit

4. Getting a Manicure is not the same as getting a Rebase.
A manicure consists of filing, shaping of the free edge, skin treatments, massage of the hand and the application of polish. It does not involve acrylic or any type of enhancements. Most rebase appointments take 60 minutes, if you would like to add a massage of the hands then please give more time and money to the service.

5. Acetone does not take off MMA.
What is MMA you ask? MMA is extremely difficult to remove. Since it will not dissolve in product removers, it is usually pried from the nail plate, creating damage. If you have MMA on your nails it will take time to slowly file off. This is not a fast procedure.

6. Don’t shave your legs before a pedicure.
Shaving strips the legs of a thin layer of skin, increasing the chances of irritation caused by perfumed creams or exfoliating beads used by most salons. Nail technicians urge customers to delay shaving until after a pedicure, and insist there’s no reason to be self-conscious about prickly legs.

7. Time is money
Most nail techs work on commission or in a booth-rent situation, they pay a weekly rent to their salon owner. When you no-call, no-show, or call to cancel at the last minute, your nail tech doesn’t make money. You’re messing with their livelihood and if you do it more than once, you’re messing with their patience and do you really want to mess with the person who’s about to be inches from your fingers with sharp metal objects? To be courteous to your nail tech and other appointments, its polite to show up 5-10 minutes before a service to fill out proper paper work and to decide what you want.

8. Tipping is not a city in China
Tip your nail tech. Unless your salon has a no tipping policy, your nail tech is really hoping and sometimes depending on tips. Go on a percentage system, give what you can or feel is deserved, but give something. It’s always better than nothing.

9. I'd rather fix your nails than you be unhappy. 
Most nail techs are happy to fix your nails if you’re unhappy with it. If you hate your nails and go around telling people that I messed them up, that’s bad for my business. Most good salons have redo policies where you can come back and see your nail tech for tweaks and fixes, for no charge. Simply be polite and let us know. If someone truly messes up your nails (cuts your cuticles, burns your nail beds, makes them too thick), maybe just bite the bullet and go somewhere else. If they didn’t recognize and note their mistake, they’re either lazy, dishonest, or they don’t really know what they’re doing. Lastly on this point, if you go for a change and don’t like it, that doesn’t mean your nail tech did a bad job. There’s a difference between you changing your mind and the nail tech doing something wrong.

10. You're nails are not picture perfect.
Your nails are natural, they are yours and no one else has them. Just because you bring in a picture from Pinterest or Google doesn't mean your nails will look exactly like the picture. Pictures are GREAT, we love them and we'll do our best to get as close to them as we can and help make modifications that will make it better for you, but PLEASE have realistic expectations.

I hope these tips help you and your nail tech. Most techs are happy people who are excited to make you feel your best. So help them help you. 


На сегодня и завтра нужны модели на наращивание акрилом( занятость 3 часа) и гелем ( занятость 2 часа). Стоимость 900 и 850 рублей с покрытием. Так же требуются модели на шеллак с укреплением акриловый пудрой или гелем- цена 400 рублей. Просто покрытие шеллак без укрепления-250 рублей.

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