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17. Februar 2016
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No.1 Nails - La Grange, IL


140 N La Grange Rd
La Grange, IL 60525
(708) 579-5419

I enjoy this place. Very clean. Very friendly. Very inexpensive. Family owned business. TV is always on something neat-- animal planet, HGTV or cooking channel. You can make an appointment, or walk-in. They will give you a small bottle of water, which is a nice touch. (-)'s Many of the polishes are outdated. So don't expect a big selection, or else choose your own.

The only technician good here was Jackie. He has left and I would love to find where he went. Does anyone know if he went to another nail salon? If so, where?

do not recommend at all i went here the other day with my mom and we were there for almost 3 hours they did such a terrible job doing my nails. my toes which i had them redone twice because they we're so streaky and you could still see my nail. he didn't even file my toes and i specifically asked him too. when he razored my feet they felt even worse than before they felt like light sand paper and that purple scrub bar was sooooo worn down i asked him to use a new one because you can tell they've used the same one hundreds of times. so on to my fingers. i got a regular manicure bc i wasn't going to spend money on a place that was gonna do a shitty job on something like acrylic. so i got the mani and he filed my nails and no joke all of them were crooked and poorly taken care of when he was cutting my cuticles he was ripping and i literally mean ripping my cuticles off my finger. never going back. i should of just went to my regular place @magic nails countryside is the best place to go

I think just about everything I said below is still pretty accurate... except there is only about 2 employees that are worth going to. I had one girl twice who files off the no chip so low down my nail that she also files the skin. OUCH. She also cut me at the cuticle and it bled for a few minutes. Her work usually gets dust particles in it and I had sharp little bumps on some nails. I also had to unglue my thumb from the nail, as the sloppy work on the top coat bonded my nail to the skin. I consider myself lucky that I didn't get an infection! The owner of the shop also did my nails once. She was working so fast (it wasn't busy at all!) that she really didn't get close enough to the cuticle with the paint. On day one my nails already looked about a half week- 1 week grown out. I'm not a forceful person and don't want to cause a scene, so no, I didn't speak up as I should've, but I don't feel I should have to! The color every time has lasted a full 3 weeks without issue though, I will say that. The owner's son is the best at the nails! Due to this turn for the worst in my experience, I am going to check the area out for a new salon. Stay tuned...

Was first and only customer and requested a pedicure. Absolutely no soaking for my feet and total pedicure start (placing feet in filling tub) to the last stroke of clear was 28 minutes. 28 minutes! (I kept track on my phone & the wall clock) What kind of pedicure do you think this produced?!? Exactly! My 5 year old granddaughter could do as good a job or better! And like I said - the salon wasn't even busy! This is the third time in a row that I have had a less than satisfactory pedicure here so will look around for another salon.

Terrible experience. Went last night and the woman put too many coats on my nails, making the color different from what I told her, so I went back today and she couldn't get the No Chip off. The man who I believe was the manager had to walk her through every step and eventually had someone else finish my nails. A color change alone took 1 hour and 20 minutes. Do not recommend!

BEWARE!!! If could give this place zero stars I would. I don't usually write many yelp reviews but I thought I should share my experience. Yesterday, I had an appointment for a regular manicure and my friend was getting a regular mani pedi. She was helped right away. I waiting for about 10 mins until the owner said I could take a seat. Then proceeded to wait until someone would come help me. Finally, a manicurist sat in front of me looks at my nails and said, we are going have to charge you ten dollars to remove my old no chip nail polish. No other salon I have gone to has charged me extra for that but I told her that was fine. She began to work on my nails and after she got all my nails covered she left. She had me sitting with acetone on my nails for at least 15 - 20 minutes!! I had already picked most of it off before I came so my nails started to burn and itch sitting and waiting. I then look around and found her doing another manicure on someone else. I asked could she please come take this off because it's starting hurt. I was told to wait a couple more mins... After waiting a few more mins, another manicurist finished removing my no chip and began the worst manicure of my life. I've never felt more rush in my life. She literally hurt me cutting my cuticles and filing my nails she was going so fast. I had a broken nail that she fixed with glue and told me to wait while it drys. During that time she begins another woman's manicure. Now I am super annoyed at this point and tired of waiting. Finally she paints my nails and does a horrible job. It looks clumpy and she missed multiple spots. By the way, my friend who had a pedicure and manicure was already done and waiting at the nail dryer by the time I made it to that point. When I'm sitting at the dyer I saw the owner and told her about my concerns. She was not helpful at all. She told me to go back to my manicurist and have her repaint. She redid the two worse nails but At this point I was already there an hour and half for a reg mani and didn't want to be there any longer. I thought that was ridiculous. Also, I got no cuticle oil treatment, lotion or a hand massage like I had a many other salons I have been to when I have a regular manicure. To some it all up, I was extremely disappointed in my experience at this salon and I will not be returning. Bad customer service and poor management.

Ridiculously horrible experience, went in asked for a somewhat of a fill on my nails & a pedicure. I had already put my feet in the water unfortunately and when I touched the bottom of the bowl it felt gritty and gross. As the young man kept working on my feet and looked at my nails a few times he kept talking in his language to the other workers. Believe me you can tell when someone is talking about you. So as he finished up with my pedicure it came down to starting my nails and he told me for a fill it would be $25 and he insisted I had artificial nails, but I told him its an overlay with acrylic and he kept saying I had gel also. I know my nails and I know what is on them. I told him to forget about it I'll go to my original place when I had more time and he kept pestering that I get them done. I will never return here again.

Very good and fast! The only time I need to get my nails redone is when their grow out! And the cheapest place around!

I've been here twice now to get a mani and pedi. Polish on my finger nails never last even three days w my thin nails...However, the mani at No.1 Nail stayed on over a week!! It's a small salon, but they have a lot of chairs and nail stations and are properly staffed. I was really happy w how clean the salon is, the quick and friendly service and most of all the quality of the service for the great price. You can't beat it!!

The wait time is ridiculous, mind you this is with appointment. I made an appointment for 3 and she didn't start on my nails till almost 4. Mind you the whole time she was getting up to do other things and do finish other people nails that were walking in. I didn't end up leaving till almost 6 it was 5:50. All I did was a fill in with gel nail polish. Something that should take 30 40 the longest. They are short staff all the time but they allow walk ins and appointments which is why they take the longest to help people with appointments. The nails are not the best quality and the pricing is a bit high if I do say so mys

Great nails. They last a long time and have a large variety of colors! The price is inexpensive for a no chip manicure. They take their time with a pedicure and don't just rush you out of there. Also it is super clean!!!!

This place is awful and has horrible customers service. Will never go here again and I wouldn't recommend anyone to come here. And it smells horrible

Talented and friendly nail technicians, clean salon and great prices! I usually do the $30 mani and pedi, this time bought my Mom a no chip and she loved it. She will definitely be back. Highly recommend this salon

I have been coming to this place for a year now and they do a great job! The prices cannot be beat for the quality you get. I tried another nail salon in downtown la grange that was twice the price and the craftsmanship was not nearly as good. The facilities are clean and the environment is relaxing. My acrylics generally last for about 3 weeks. The only reason I am giving this place 3 stars is because only one of the technicians in the entire salon does acrylic fill ins so I ALWAYS have to wait, even when I have made an appointment. Sometimes the owner will begin my nails and then will have me sit and wait while she performs other services on other clients. When I go to a salon, I expect the technician to give me their full attention start to finish. I really feel like her business would benefit if she hired another technician who does acrylics and no chip manicures as the majority of the staff is only trained in traditional manicures. I would also recommend bringing your own polishes as their selection is a bit thin. The only reason I keep coming here is because the quality of the manicure I get is fantastic, however, I really, really wish they would hire another technician who does acrylics and no chips to cut down on the wait times.

One star because I couldn't leave 0. Absolutely horrible work. I had the owner and she was in a hurry. Worrying about who she could do next. Taking breaks during a no chip. No quality just get them in and get them out. I gave this place two chances. Didn't even last a week and very dirty they use the same brush on everyone's hands for the cuticle oil. HORRIBLE.

Let's begin with the fact that it should not be an all day affair to get a full acrylic set or a fill, and experience in this or a related field would be appreciated. My friend and I went together on the spur of the moment (each of us has a preference in salon but they both were full) so we relied on yelp reviews and unfortunately got ourselves into quite the pickle with #1 (on a scale of 1 to10) nails. While I was getting a simple acrylic set it took far too long seeing as how my lady seemed to have other matters to take care of so we had lots of mini breaks, the color is fine and the design on mine was ok just not properly timed out. Now for my poor friend who had to get hers polished and re polished about 5 times, and by the fifth time of them filing away the failed nails she just kept what was there and we left. Her current polish job is not up to par there are jagged edges, and spots without polish, but as previously stated we had run out of time and patience. We got to the shop at 2 we didn't leave till after 5 and all we gained from this was bad nails and a bad attitude.

For the price it's good. It depends on who does the work. I usually have the no chip. Great price but sometimes if the owner puts the polish on, she does not apply it close enough to the cuticle and it will look grown out in just a few days instead of a week. Everyone is nice. Seems clean. The no chip has never chipped.

I was looking for a new nail salon after I had a very bad experience at the nail salon that I frequently would go to. I had driven by #1 Nails many times and since its 5 minutes away from where I live I decided to give it a try. It such a great place! It is inexpensive, the quality of work is great and they are always friendly! My nails have never looked so good! I love this little place!

Very pleased with this salon. Great service, great nail shaping. My fill looks clean and has no rough edges, no extra reshaping needed as happens with so many salons. The only thing holding me back on 5 stars is that I am waiting to see how the special no chip gel coating over regular polish holds up. I have been doing no chip over my acrylic tips for years because I am VERY hard on my hands and they didn't want to do it. If this stuff hold up, then I'm sold. If not, I will have to go back and tell then to use the product I want.

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