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4120 W Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
(260) 436-6232

The lady at my hotel front desk recommended this place when i asked about a pedicure. I got there, no appointment or anything. I think I was their first customer of the day. There is a language barrier to be sure, i couldn't tell what she was saying about shellac color versus regular pedi polish, but after a minute or two of struggling, I figured it out. That doesn't bother me, as it's pretty common in the nail salon industry. I paid $35 for a standard pedi with Shellac polish. She was very careful with my feet, didn't overtrim the nail or nick me at all. At one point the water she rinsed my calves with was way too hot, and she fixed it right away. The massage chair was not the greatest. I ended up just turning it off. Kind of pricy for a pedi, and the chair wasn't the most comfortable. The service was great, the shop was clean, and I would return to this place for sure.

The work, at first glance, looks decent. Last time I went, three techs worked on my nails. First guy just kept getting on his phone and the acrylic he put on ended up being lumpy. Overall messy job. Then, he asked which color I wanted. He left to grab it. When he started painting it on it was the wrong color, so I asked him to find the one I wanted. He then just up and left to do someone's pedicure without finishing my nails. The next lady started doing my nails and was extremely sloppy. She was more worried about closing up on time, so she was sloppily painting. She kept using a dry fluffy brush to "clean up" the mess, which obviously didn't work. It just smeared it even more. I had been there for over 2 hours, so at that point was just over it. I paid, left, but noticed a big dent in my nail so I went back in. A third tech came back and started fixing it, but was confused by what needed done. Third lady left and just had the 2nd lady work on mine again leaving her current client. Yikes. Don't think I'll ever go back. Such a waste of money. I've been there three times total thinking maybe it was just an off day and maybe I'd get a different/better nail tech. Each time the work is sloppy. Gel and acrylics all over my hands and fingers. Why even be in this practice if you don't care about the work you put out there?

If I could give negative stars I would. I've been here before and it was good, but this time the lady was terrible. I just got a regular manicure and she did everything so rough. When I asked her to file a little more she started muttering things under her breath in whatever language she speaks. She was not nice at all. She did a shit job, I could've done better with my eyes closed. Completely cut up and tore up my cuticles. I complained and they didn't do anything. Awful. Don't come here.

I would not recommend this place. I had three different nail techs do my nails and they were all bad. The first lady cut my fingers multiple times. The second guy was too into his phone and the third guy was rough. They changed my nail shape and didnt ask if I wanted them changed. They wouldn't answer my question on why I had a different person. My nails have bubbles in them and and my nails aren't filled in all the way. The staff was rude also. My friend asked multiple questions only to be ignored and stared at. Over all it was just a bad experience.

I have been coming to Star Nails for years now, but it always seems to be a hit or miss. I got a full set last month, and the man who did my nails was very thorough and kind to me. They looked amazing, and still have yet to chip or break (although I do have to get them filled). However, I came today to get a pedicure before my semi-formal dance. There was only one other customer getting her nails done, so I was seated right away. The woman who helped me was okay, but she didn't seem to be giving a full effort, especially for an empty salon. I kept my toes under the UV dryer for at least 25 minutes, then left. However, with it being a rainy, cold day, I had closed-toe shoes. I noticed almost immediately after I left that I had botched the corners of two separate nails. I didn't want to be a hassle, as it was clearly my fault that I had botched them, but I read a flier inside that read "Better customer service is a promise! Please let us know if you are not satisfied." I decided to go back in and ask if there was anyway I could have the two botched nails retouched. I apologized profusely, but I could tell the woman who had helped me was clearly annoyed. She sat me down, and quickly took off the botched layer and re-polished the two nails. After she finished, I could tell that she had applied a very thin layer, because you could basically see through the polish. My botched nails looked better than they did "fixed", and I was pretty sure I could've done a better job myself (the two nails). I understand completely that it is an inconvenience to have to come back in and have them fix something that wasn't their fault or their mistake, but the salon was empty, and the flier had said to let them know if you're unsatisfied. I am disappointed, and I am not sure if I am going to return.

First of all, they would not honor the coupon online. Said we had to print it at home and bring it in! Second , the chair was HORRIBLE! She seemed to not understand the fact that I could not get the chair to work properly. Third, language an obvious barrier. They need people i there who speak English. Next, someone did say we could use the coupon , but at time if check out : we were told NO! (They understood that ...) Bathroom was filthy. I had gone there many times a few years ago... it has gone DOWNHILL since ... Will NOT RETURN.

I just moved here from San Diego so my expectations weren't too high for a nail salon in Ft Wayne. However my experience here was really awful. I chose this place because my shellac polish from a couple weeks ago was starting to peel and I was starting to pick it off. This place was open when everyone else was closed so I came here (theyre open an hour later than most). They were all amazed by my shellac I had on - I guess they were having trouble getting it off ? 2 people were switching off on trying to remove it. They ended up have me soak my fingers in BOWLS of acetone for like 30 minutes and using their electric file/buff tool to remove it (i sat super anxiously afraid they were going to get down to my actual nail/bed). The acetone was starting to make my fingertips feel sore and was burning. It looked like the edges of my nails were starting to curl in. I kept lifting my fingers out for a break and she kept shoving em back into the acetone. Anyways - she broke my long natural thumb nail with the buff. Diagonally. I kept my cool and just let it go and do her thing. Gave benefit of the doubt. She filed em and went on to paint. Super rushed and 2 spots missing paint in the sides now that im examining at home. I had 2 snags in my nails and 3 of my nails were filed crooked..... She discounted a bit (i assume because of my nail getting broken by the buffer). Overall, it was rushed and I'm really not happy with how they turned out. Took me ages to get them grown long and now they're back to being pretty short. :( I will definitely be searching out a new spot.

The only reason I'm giving them 4 stars is from my crappy experience today. Normally this is my favorite place to go, but today it was not. I asked for my nails to be cut down, the woman told me I couldn't cut down for coffin (which I know is wrong, the guy I usually get always keeps them at a long but workable length for me), I just told her to do square then. She proceeded to use the drill carelessly, nicked my skin, tore up my cuticles, and filed so hard on my skin, I ended up getting a nail file cut. Not only was it painful, she kept moving my arm and acting annoyed with me because she placed my arm on a sphere type thing and it was uncomfortable and kept slipping off. The shape and length of my nails were all different. She took a phone call while using the drill and lost all concentration and tore up my cuticles more. When painting my nails, she kept tipping the nail polish bottle into my other fingers and had to keep wiping it off which took even longer. I asked for matte top coat, which she used, but then she used an oil on my cut up cuticles so my nails didn't look matte when I left and my fingertips. I would still recommend going here in the off chance you don't get this particular person. I just want them to be aware that someone could use more training.

Just letting you all know this place can only do complicated flower designs not a simple Mickey Mouse.

WORST nail salon experience I've ever had. We made an appointment and half of our people sat for 30 min, then sat in empty pedicure chairs for 30 more min! They were busy and then rushed us all through, hurting every single one of us! They cut my nails down to the bed and filed my flesh, not nail!!! I had to get up from the drying table and ask if I was even getting my fingernails done like I asked over an hour after I got there and after I sat for 20 min waiting on the guy! I get it that your busy but as a tech you have to 1. Speak a LITTLE ENGLISH! (I don't think he understood I wanted both feet and hands??) And 2. Take it slower and be careful with your customers!!!

Despite the bad Yelp reviews, I decided to give this place a chance and wasn't disappointed! They did a good job with my shellac mani in just 40 minutes for $25. The tools were clean and the nail specialist knee what he was doing. I'll definitely come back!

I googled to get the number and to my surprise saw all the negative comments. SHOCKED! My husband & I (& my mother on occasion) have been clients for years. I'll give you the fact that there are some that do not speak the greatest English. However, the service has always been excellent. They always remember who we are and ask how my mother is, even if she hasn't been there for months. Our nails always look fantastic. And let's face it for $35 it is an incredible value. I would highly recommend Jodi specifically. Tell her 'sWonderful sent you.

I got a gel mani on Friday afternoon. It was all chipped less than 36 hours later. They used to do a good job, however, have been slacking in customer service. I will not be returning.

Nice pedicure at $25. Although the language barrier was a problem. Left with flowers on my toes that I did not want and didn't realize until she was done. Will pay better attention next time.

Very disappointed!!! First, when they removed my old acrylic nails they used a piece of cardboard and just ripped them off. I don't go to the nail salon much, at this point, but after talking with friends and going to a different nail salon they informed me that's not how to remove them safely because it can rip your natural nail bed off. I was in a lot of pain during this and said that several times. Second, when I got my pedicure done, which I've had done at other places, they caused bruises and burns on my feet and legs. The hot towels she used were scolding as well as the hot wax they used on my feet. I instantly complained and they said it's normal. By the time I left I had red streaks down my legs and within days bruises, not to mention my throbbing nails. I do not recommend this place!!!

Avoid at all cost. Rude. Would not listen to what I was asking to put on my daughter's nails. Tech kept leaving and going to new person without finishing our nails. Would not put on video for my daughter saying it was broke and it was not. Awful.

Credentials are not visible, they do not sanitize items between services of customers and non of the staff speak english so I wonder how they got thru the program to do nails or even pass the exam. It is a fungal/staph infection waiting to happen. This place is definitely a go to at your own risk. I am surprised the state has not come in there. I found it quite shocking that this occurred and people still go.

Bad bad bad! No sanitation practices. I watched a tech remove the paper flip flops from one client and put on another. The also share nippers and do not sanitize files. My tech stopped in the middle of my manicure and started filing her own nails then tried to continue mine with same file. Way to much cell phone usage.

lpc nails fort wayne
T Nails - Fort Wayne, IN

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L.P.C Nails
I went there last night for a fill and had the worse experience ever there! They were rushing to get... my nails done so they could get out at 9pm! The lady who did my nails cut my pinky and one of my ring fingers, she didn't shape my nails at all. The gel polish is so thick that there are spots on all of my nails that are huge. I called to see if they would fix them and they informed me that I needed to come in Monday but they would most likely charge me to fix their mistake! Never again will I go there! Mehr anzeigen
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