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Manicure in 20 Minutes!

Our nails require regular care. Manicures can help to keep nails healthy and to improve the look of fingernails and our hands. Maintaining your nails looking healthy and beautiful can be time consuming and difficult. That is why we rely on specialists to perform regular manicures and pedicures.

Many people visit nail salons and Spas. Each visit usually requires an advanced appointment and to arrive on time. Sometimes it is difficult to book your preferred nail specialist at the time that is convenient to you. These days, time is considered to be one of the most valuable resources. We also know that traditional salon procedures are rather expensive and not everyone can afford them on a regular basis.

Salons Nails-Express are designed to break down these stereotypes and to prove that beautiful manicure can be affordable and it does not require a long wait or an advanced booking.

  • To maintain well-groomed nails all you have to do is to periodically trust your hands to our professionals for 15-20 minutes. Prior bookings are not required.


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New York and London are recognised world leaders in the fashion industry. It is only natural that the first express nail salons appeared and became popular in these two cities.

Modern express manicure salons are usually located in large shopping centres. They look stylish and inviting. Express nail salon usually require no advanced bookings, and there are no queues because there are several specialists who are working behind the counter. The service is quick and of high quality.

The atmosphere in our express nail salons is more reminiscent of a cocktail bar. Our customers can easily combine your daily routine with pleasure. You can have a coffee break and a chat with your friend while your manicure is done. You can plan your shopping in the mall, or wind down after your shopping and restore the look of your nails. Nails-Express is the best solution – by the time you finish your coffee, your hands and nails will look great.



  • Convenience: we are there where you do your shopping
  • Availability: Our services are available without an advanced booking because each Nails-Express bar has several nail specialists
  • Comfort: even if you only have 20 minutes, it will be enough to do a quick Express Manicure and improve the look of your nails.
  • Affordable price: the price of our treatments is proportional to the time they take. You can agree that it is a reasonable solution!


French manicure

Nails-Express employs graduates of nail schools and studios with professional diplomas and certificates. Our employees love their work and know how to make beautiful manicure quickly and efficiently. The deciding factor for hiring our masters is the skill and care of your hands and nails, as well as the friendliness when working with a client.

We take special care to hygienically clean our tools by using modern materials and technologies.
We value your recommendations and reviews of our work.!


Hands Spa

Our company was founded in Switzerland on the shores of the beautiful lake Zurich. We have maintained the following three principles as the main criteria of partner collaboration: quality, reliability, and safety.
We have brought international experience in the organisation of our business. We offer tried and tested services and put the emphasis on the professionalism and quality of our work. Client satisfaction is our goal.


express nails castletown
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Office Supplies

Everything you could need for your office is available with next day delivery from Castletown Press.

From Copier Paper and Staples through to your Coffee and Sugar, let us take care of your office needs.

Our New Online Shop is in development and will be available shortly.

Please call our helpdesk and one of our team will be able to source your requirements.

Free delivery is available on all orders.  

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express nails castletown

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