8 penny nails length

8 penny nails length

8 penny nails length
What are eight penny nails?
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8 penny nails length

8 Penny Nail

We hired Eight Penny Nail in the fall of 2017 to build a little A-frame cabin in our back garden. She took time to understand the feel of our garden, patiently listened to the details of my vision, and poured over countless drawings and pictures with me. She was sensitive to my budget and always presented me with transparent choices in regards to cost. When work began, she and her crew were prompt, professional, courteous, and passionate. They clearly cared about the project and throughout the process kept me abreast of what was happening and gave me lots of input. The end result was even more wonderful than the initial vision and blends into our garden perfectly. Since the completion, Megan has been available for questions and has even loaned me a ladder to paint!

James Fowler

NE Cully Portland

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